Customers receive rendering of the upcoming McLaren P1 GTR?


The McLaren P1 itself is already an impressive piece of engineering. Featuring a twin-turbocharged V8 engine mated with an electric motor, this hybrid hypercar has 903-brake horsepower and an aero setup that is beyond believe. But clearly the chaps over at McLaren are not done fiddling with the P1 as they are now busy preparing a track-only version of the machine called the P1 GTR.


And the latest development of the P1 GTR is that customers is said to have received official rendering of this track machine, giving us a first glance of how it will look like. While the render does not show the overall look of the car, it sure gave us hints of where the upgrades are going to. The rear now receives a giant wing and a massive diffuser. The exhaust is somewhat supersized and the sides appear to be widened to fit wider tires.


As for now, McLaren had released very little information about the P1 GTR, aside from it having 986-brake horsepower to play around with. But we could expect some weight shaving being implemented, and some aero upgrades on the front end as well. The P1 GTR will commence production once the final road-going P1 leaves the production lines.