Celebrating Indonesia’s Independence Day in Style with Speed Creed’s Pride of ’45!


The automotive scene in South East Asia is growing in an impressive rate, and this does not apply to only Malaysia and Singapore. Our neighbours over in Indonesia also has their own scene happening across the Tebrau Straits and thanks to the kind guys over at Speed Creed, we are able to share a piece of their action during their Pride of 45 annual run.



In celebration of Indonesia’s Independence Day on August 17th, a wide range of performance cars gathered together to make this event a great success. Not limiting to exotic marquees like the Ferrari 355 or Lamborghini Murcielago, Pride of 45 was also being brought to life iconic Japanese machines like the Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R and Europe’s Bimmers.




And to add more variety into the symphony of speed, the convoy was blessed with the rumbling notes coming from their two-wheeled comrades. The Harley Davidson clubs – BROSER, HDCI Tangerang, and HOG Indonesia – rode side-by-side to form a united and organized convoy that is the first of its kind in Indonesia. Much like their Merdeka Run of 2012, the participating cars formed a red and white formation in respect to the colours of the Indonesian flag.




But celebrating the country’s Independence Day was not the only convoy’s objective as the owners came together in alliance to give recognition and lending a hand to the country’s veterans. They were honoured to have Lt. Col. JM Pandjaitan on board, who is also a veteran himself, representing a non-profit organization called Yayasan Sahabat Veteran. At the end of the day, they managed to raise IDR 15 million to lessen the burden of struggling veterans on Indonesian soil.



This is definitely a unique way to celebrate a country’s Independence Day, and it is even more impressive for Speed Creed to actually be able to pull this off. And the pictures are not the only highlight here as they had also prepared an exciting video documenting the whole run. So sit back, relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of Indonesia’s finest!



Picture credits: Speedcreed.net



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