1. Heart attacks – Football fans are very passionate when it comes to the sport. But some fans take it to heart, literally. In a study done after the Germany World Cup, it was revealed that the number of heart attacks spiked every time the German team played a match!

2. Traffic accidents – With the rise in excitement, football fans also experience a rise in testosterone. This makes them more aggressive. And as it turns out, driving under the influence of anger can lead to some unfortunate outcomes.

3. Depression – The higher you get, the harder the fall. And football fans can get really high on their love of the game. Too bad there can be only one winner in a match. Because for some, a loss for their team can lead to actual clinical depression.

4. Stress – Oh the suspense of watching your favourite team duke it out on the pitch. Unfortunately, no matter how loud you cheer, you don’t really have any control over the outcome. This has been proven to cause high levels of cortisol, a hormone related to stress, to build up in football fans after a match.

5. Binging – When your favourite team loses, you feel like you lost too, right? More so than you think. It also leads to a loss of self-control. And for some, that means saying bye-bye to your diet. A study shows people can consume up to 16% more saturated fats after their team’s loss.

6. Susceptible to advertising – Don’t think the ads they show during your team’s matches work on you? Well, think again. Turns out the more exciting the match, the more likely fans are to recollect the commercials shown. Maybe not a danger to you, but certainly to your wallet.

7. Turning zombie – You might think zombies only exist on film, but they are real. And football fans that watch late night matches are especially at risk. You can spot the football zombies the morning after. They usually have a dandruff problem and bad body odour. Don’t believe us? Visit www.footballzombie.com.my to learn more.