Brabus gifts more power out of the CLA 45 AMG – This might just be the ultimate baby Benz!


Brabus – if you want to tune up your Mercedes-AMG, these are the guys you turn to first. Why? Because as mad as the boffins from AMG are, the folks at Brabus are even madder. They’ve turned so many fast AMG models in rocketships, like the Brabus 850 and the Brabus Rocket back from 2006 if you remember. Well – since then, AMG has gone a long way and their latest instalment, the CLA 45 AMG has been a big hit everywhere… and Brabus has gotten their hands on it too!

Weirdly enough, there’s no special Brabus name on it. Its just called the Brabus CLA 45 AMG and for that it makes us wonder, if there is going to be an even hotter Brabus version of this car. Nevertheless, the most powerful production 4 cylinder engine is now powered up from 355bhp and 450nm to 395bhp and 500nm of torque. Thats a sweet 40bhp and 50nm in torque increase from the standard, off the factory line tuning. This sweet increase has also reduced the Zerotohundred time from 4.5 seconds to 4.2 seconds on the CLA 45 AMG.

Brabus-for-CLA-45-6The performance upgrade is done courtesy of the brand’s new software upgrade for the 45 AMG series called the PowerXtra B45 software. It consists of a external control unit which is plugged and adapted to the engine management system, altering the map for the power hike. Many would understand this upgrade more as a piggyback system. At the moment, there are only a handful of tuners who are able to produce a software upgrade for the 45 AMG cars, and although many would find 355bhp a handful from a little 2.0-litre 4 cylinder block, this upgrades will most definitely be appreciated for those who are seeking for more out of the system.

Brabus is also offering some styling upgrade packages for the CLA 45 AMG which includes black alloy wheels with red inserts, carbon fibre side mirror covers and matching roof and boot spoilers, also in carbon fibre tagged with matching red trims to go with the theme. For the A 45 AMG owners, don’t despair as they are also available for you!