Bentley Eyeing for Greener Models in the Future with the Hybrid Concept?


The Bentley name can be associated with a couple of things, and a few of them would definitely be luxury, class, and power. But as time passes on and emission control tightens, sooner or later manufacturers will have to take necessary measures to abide to these strict rules and regulations, in which Bentley had responded with the Hybrid Concept.



Unveiled at the recent Beijing Motor Show, the Bentley Hybrid Concept is their take in producing a model that gives out less impact to the environment. Based on the Mulsanne, this concept car is powered by a newly-developed plug-in hybrid system, said to increase power by 25-percent while at the same time cutting down the CO2 emissions by 70-percent. And when set on electric mode, Bentley claimed that the Hybrid Concept is able to cover a distance of 50km.




To differentiate this green Mulsanne from the petrol version, Bentley had thrown in a couple of copper touches to the profile line, radiator shell bezel, headlamps, badges and brake calipers. Over to the interior, similar touches had been done to the switch bezels and instruments. To show their commitment in producing a greener line-up, Bentley plans to offer a plug-in hybrid option to more than 90-percent of its line-up by 2020.