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ABT’s Audi S8 Is Devilishly Fast!

Mentioning the Audi A8, what comes to mind is a huge (Not necessarily) black 4 door luxury sedan which makes its presence known on the road. Then Audi decides that the regular A8s ain’t enough, and launches the Audi S8, which sports a twin turbocharged V8 engine, producing some 513 horses. With that under the hood, zerotohundred is achieved in just 4.2 seconds, faster than what some sports car can muster. Then along came ABT Sportsline, which added more zing to the already fast Audi S8.

Audi-S8-ABT-1 Audi-S8-ABT-4 Audi-S8-ABT-3

So what zing has ABT Sportsline added to the Audi S8? For starters, ABT has remapped the ECU and a custom exhaust set up. With these, ABT managed to extract another 162 ponies, cutting the zerotohundred time to a mere 3.9 seconds. Torque has also increased to 840 NM, which is equivalent to what the Gemballa Avalanche GT2 600 EVO produces. ABT has also removed the factory speed limiter, enabling the Audi S8 to max out at 290 km/h. Pretty impressive stuff, considering that the engine is practically untouched apart from the ECU remap and custom exhaust set up.

Audi-S8-ABT-7 Audi-S8-ABT-10

Then there’s the handling, which ABT has also improved. The ABT Sportsline Audi S8 now rides 25 mm lower than the factory standard Audi S8, thanks to an electronic lowering module which controls the Audi S8’s air suspension. ABT Sportsline has also taken liberty to replace the stock wheels of the Audi S8, replacing them with custom (with a choice of) 20 and 21 inches wheels. The rubbers measure at 275/35R20 or 275/35R21 (depending on wheel size, obviously).


The ABT Audi S8 is offered in its homeland and comes with a 2 year warranty. Pity this beast probably wont end up on our local shores.


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