4.0L V8 To Be Used On More Mercedes Benz models!

The current trend of downsizing engine is still, very much in practice. Mercedes-Benz, who had some huge 6.2L engines, and a slightly smaller 5.5L V8 (Used exclusively in the SLK55 AMG). The SLS AMG also featured the same 6.2L V8, but when the AMG GT came along, a slightly downsized 4.0L V8. If that was not enough, the baby C63 AMG will also receiving the same 4.0L V8, much to our amusement.


Furthermore, according to sources, Mercedes Benz will continue to use this particular 4.0L V8 in other non AMG models. Well, the non AMG models which uses the same V8 would not be making the same power as their AMG siblings.


To keep the AMG V8s exclusive, they will be built according to AMG’s standard of one worker to one engine, while non AMG engines will be mass produced.


Tobias Moers, AMG CEO was also keen to point out that there wont be diesel or all-wheel-drive variants of the AMG GT. And then on the topic of building a hypercar like the Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1 or even the Porsche 918 Spyder, Moers said, “You’d have to ask Porsche or Ferrari about the business case, but it is important for us not to overestimate your own brand. AMG is not at the level to do that. Not yet at least.”


Perhaps you fancy a AMG GT Black Edition? “We have so much incredible stuff coming through the normal product lines, we can’t think about anything else right now,” said Moers.

Future models that will sport this new downsized V8 includes the upcoming E63 AMG, GLC63 AMG and possibly the S63 AMG.

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