Admittedly, our neck of the woods come with a preference for tricking out rice-bowls, and it’s only in the last few years that’s seen tuners branching out to include the Euros. But real question is, when will be begin to see a heck of a lot more classic Euro steeds tuned to beyond comprehension? Take for example this particular Volkswagen Golf Mk1 that’s been insanely tuned thanks to a certain Boba Kettler who’s endowed this classic German hatch into a raging 736bhp killer of Goliaths.

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but who wouldn’t be attracted to something that packs more punch than say Bas Rutten? Equipped under the hood lies a modest VW 2.0L 16-valve motor, except there’s a Garrett GTX3582R blower installed, and the engine red lines at a whopping 8,800rpm via a 6-speed manual gearbox – sending everything to the front wheels wrapped by Toyo R888 tyres.

The exhaust system seems to be a custom one and measures 3.5″ in diameter, allowing for all that E85 fuel to escape after the KMS MD35 ECU managed engine is done having its way with it.

Installed within the spartan looking, not to mentioned aged, cabin is a roll-cage; perhaps to help keep the car from splitting in two? But in terms of electronics there’s

There’s no mention of the Mk1’s century sprint, but it’ll top out at a whopping 320kmh while it gets you from 100-200kmh in just 5 seconds thanks to its 50psi of boost! Simply insane.