Wish to own the impressive Lexus LFA, but could not afford the hefty RM 1.2 million price tag? If you do not mind living with the absence of the wonderful V10 howl and substituting it with the soft purr from a 2.0-liter Boxer, then this is a solution for you. Since the Toyota 86 had caught a lot of attention from the aftermarket world, there has been a lot of mild and wild transformation going on for this new FR machine, with one of the most impressive being this full Lexus LFA makeover.

Coming from DAMD, this transformed 86 is designated the LFT-86, and at a quick glance looks almost like a legit LFA, that is until you have a peek at its rear of course. From the front, this DAMD kit perfectly imitates the LFA’s front fascia, and had even included the small gap under the hood which serves as a cooling vent for the LFA.

And while the 86’s bulgy rear and taillights instantly gives away its true identity, DAMD did put a great effort in making it look as close as the LFA by including the rear diffuser, the triangular mesh grille and the iconic triple-barreled exhaust layout of the V10 monster. The side skirts are also not forgotten in completing this transformation.

Now it has the looks, all is left to be done are some tweaks to the flat-four Boxer unit for a bit more oomph to the ride. Maybe fitting it with both turbo and supercharger like GAZOO’s will do the trick?





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