The Toyota 86 might be a bit of a laughing stock being powered with only a 2.0-liter boxer that produces around 200-horsepower. But this new sports coupe has a lot more to offer, which is why British motorsport and engineering firm GPRM had fiddled about with the 86 and came out with this hardcore racing version.

This is the new and first 86 racecar designed according to FIA regulations, and is set to be racing in the GT4 category. Powered by a turbocharged and direct-injected version of the timid 2.0-liter boxer four-cylinder, this new powerplant developed alongside with Nicholson McLaren Engines gives the car an output of “between 360 and 400-horsepower”.

The testing phase is about to take place, and if all goes well, those that purchase this new 86 GT4 racecar will be able to take part in various GT4 races in 2013. GPRM confirmed that one order has already been placed, and the customer team aims to compete in the British GT Championship this year.

“We have gone all out to engineer quality and reliability into the GT86 as well as competitiveness, and the result has provoked a lot of interest from all around Europe”, said GPRM director Gary Blackham.

Price for this new racer has yet to be released, but the company claims that the car will serve as an extremely capable entry-level endurance car.


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