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The Time Attack Machines and GT-Rs @ 2013 TIMETOATTACK Final Round + Results!

Just like the name it was given, the Time Attack Machines class is conceived for cars that are de-limited and built for one specific purpose: to attack Sepang in the fastest possible manner. Stripped off all its unnecessary trims and treated to an almost unlimited supply of parts and engineering a circuit-bred car could ever get, the Time Attack Machines have always been one of the main attractions at TIMETOATTACK. Not only for its radical looking competitiors, but also for the immense speed these beasts generate through Sepang International Circuit.

One of the favourite platforms would definitely include the Honda Civics. Lightweight and extremely agile, the addition of a properly tuned VTEC powerplant under the hood gives the Civic a competitive edge. This was demonstrated by Kenneth Tay as he managed to lap Sepang in a Civic EK in just 2:48.085, in the wet, securing him third place within the Time Attack Machines – Below 2.0 category.

Although Kegani Racing’s Toyota Celica driven by Kenny Lee was able to clinch second place with a lap time of 2:44.130, Keifli Othman restored the faith in Hondas by a mile. Armed with a Civic EG, again, in the wet, he was practically untouchable in the Fast Autoworks time attacker as he took the win with a blisteringly-fast lap time of 2:29.057.

But the show was just getting started, as over in the Above 2.0 category, more hardcore time attack machines were eagerly awaiting their turn. Although this is it’s first debut at TIMETOATTACK, Fuchs Edge Racing’s Subaru WRX STi was a brilliant new comer. With Ken Hooi behind the wheels, they managed to make it onto the podium with a 2:38.469!.

Mark Darwin came in with a turbocharged Civic EK, and we instantly knew the competition was going to be something special. It was indeed, as the gap between him and the third place winner was almost 11 seconds apart as he proudly stands in the second place with a 2:27.796.

But the champion of this wild category has got to be one of our favourites. Simply one of the best looking machines in TIMETOATTACK, the yellow Evo IX from ST Powered was not only a head turner, but also a fully-functioning time attack machine. Couple it with the capable Desmond Soh in the driver’s seat, the 2:22.714 set by this machine in the damp after rain conditions was simply an amazing feat.

But as much as we it is obvious the time attack machines were bound to be the kings at TIMETOATTACK, the GT-Rs however are proving otherwise. Ling Ken Ji managed to clock a 2:29.697 in his newly-configured Goldmember with the addition of Pirelli Trofeo R tyres, new wider wheels and some aero revisions. Lai Wee Sing with his low profile GT-R managed a respectable 2:23.525 despite being the stockest GTR of all. Many GTR these days at TIMETOATTACK are edging the range of time attack machines’ timing, but then again, the Godzillas are not done slaying yet.

LHB Motorsport’s GT-R looks completely evil, yet it is still a street legal machine. Armed with massive weight saving panels, almost every body part of his GTR has been replaced with carbon fiber. But that is just the tip of the iceberg as Aloysius Lek took the wild beast for a hotlap and managed to clock in an uber-fast time of 2:21.602. This had not only made him the Fastest Man of the Day, but also enabled him to topple the previous record to grab the Fastest Man of 2013 title!.

Congratulations to Aloysius Lek and LHB Motorsports for the impressive achievement!


Time Attack Machine Below 2.0

  1. Keifli Othman – Honda Civic EG – 2:29.057
  2. Kenny Lee – Toyota Celica – 2:44.130
  3. Kenneth Tay – Honda Civic EK – 2:46.085

Time Attack Machine Above 2.0

  1. Desmond Soh – Mitsubishi Evo IX – 2:22.714
  2. Mark Darwin – Honda Civic EK Turbo – 2:27.796
  3. Ken Hooi – Subaru WRX STi – 2:38.469


  1. Aloysius Lek – GT-R – 2:21.602
  2. Lai Wee Sing – GT-R – 2:23.525
  3. Ling Ken Ji – GT-R – 2:29.697