The SRT Viper gets a Deadlier Poison with Hennessey’s Venom 700R Package


The new SRT Viper is already a vulgar piece of American engineering. With a massive 8.4-liter V10 engine mounted inside, the fifth-gen Viper gallops with 640-horsepower punishing the rear wheels. Although that is not much of a surprise for an American muscle, Hennessey thinks that the Viper could use a bit more to obliterate those rear tires quicker than before.

Hennessey has a range of tunings in store for various machines, and it all depends if one would want the mildly tuned, or the hardcore performance package. The Venom 700R fits in the less complex end of the scale as it goes for the old fashioned tuning techniques. Even so, they were able to extract 705-horsepower from the stock 640; and that has made the Viper a machine not to be messed around with.


The increase in power is thanks to the upgrades thrown into the engine bay such as the high-flow cylinder heads, custom tube headers and 3-inch exhaust, high-flow cat and a K&N performance air filter. The torque figure also gets an increase from 600 to 695 lb-ft. the Viper can now do a zerotohundred dash in 3.1 seconds, and reaching the quarter-mile mark in 10.7 seconds. Top speed is rated at 345 km/h.




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