The Nissan Note Gets a Total Makeover by Impul Tuning

The first generation Nissan Note might look like just another dreary mini MPV, designed only with ferrying the kids to school or picking up groceries in mind. But as time passes on, the second generation looks very different, bringing a new image for this MPV. And to add up to its great looks, the Japanese tuner Impul decided to throw in a couple of their magic touches to the MPV which makes it look even better.

While MPVs are not the usual bunch one would be modifying, the Impul kit really adds a character to the Note. The full body kit that includes an aggressive front bumper, revised grille, carbon fiber mirror casings, sporty side skirts, fender vents and an illuminated front badge gives the Note a much more noticeable presence.

But the package is not all looks and no go. Impul also offers an ECU remap and a revised exhaust system for more power on the go. And to match the increased power, the kit also comes with adjustable shock absorbers and high performance brakes hiding behind the new 17-inch alloy wheels.

Impul did a good job in transforming this MPV into something else, but would someone that owns a Note slap this kind of modification onto their family-carrier? And it is worth mentioning that since it is from Impul, this will surely come with a pretty hefty price tag.


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