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The Euros @ Tokyo Auto Salon Singapore

So, that was the end of day 2, coupled with a big bang from the AKB48 girl’s show, the amount of crowd was phenomenal. Ranging from all ages, Tokyo Auto Salon has managed to gather people not only from Singapore, but also from Malaysia and the Phillipines too.

Apart from the Japanese cars, catching some wave of attention too are the Euros and Supercars. Just to show what is what, heres the ones that caught a lot of attention.

EUROHAUS Volkswagen Scirocco Race Car

Amongst the supercars on display at the Eurohaus booth, the one that caught proper attention of enthusiasts was this race car. Eurohaus has created a track muncher, based on the Volkswagen Scirocco Mk3, this has been fully converted to take corners like house fly.

Packed with a full roll cage  the Rocco is coupled with a set of Alcon brakes and some light alloy wheels from Volkswagen Racing to keep the unsprung weight low. Lightness is key, as the whole interior was stripped out, including the dash board and the heavy leather seats which were replaced with carbon buckets.

1971 Fiat 500 Scuderia Ciociaro Corse

This small car could have been mistaken for a diecast model, but for the golden generation, this is a Fiat Cinquecento a.k.a Fiat 500. Born in 1971, the original car was packing a whopping seventeen italian horses. Oh yes, thats 17bhp from the 500cc engine.

This one however, doesn’t have 17bhp. What it’s packing at the back, where the rear seats should be, is a V4 superbike engine, taken from the Aprilia RSV4. Flared wheel arches and wider tyres are necessities to ensure that it can cope with the 200bhp. The chassis were also reinforced to ensure that it wont break apart. This is one of the best restoration examples we have ever encountered.

Lexus LF-A

Amongst the exotics that are stationed around the show, the Lexus LF-A with its exquisite attention to detail caught the most attention. Attention to which not even the showgirls could pull.

It sad to say that we couldn’t hear the Yamaha V10 scream in the echoing hall; nevertheless, it manages to smite the visitors with its rarity. Only 500 were produced, with the last production car to roll out of the factory in December 2012.

 ZTH BMW E34 V12

There was one visitor that came by to our booth, and expressed his affection towards Tom’s E34 monster. He loved it so much; he told us – “this was the best car in the show”.

The sleeper outlook, deceived many bypassers, forcing them a second look. Once we ‘pop-tha-hood’, sleeping inside was a raging V12. Many came to admire the work done, especially the interior, which was crafted in red.

AC Schnitzer ACS5 Sport

AC Schnitzer needs no introduction, as beemer enthusiasts would know that it is to BMW, like what a leaf is to a tree. They have taken on of the Bavarian’s latest installment, the M5 F10, and turn it up a notch.

Details like the front carbon fibre front and rear splitter, and newly designed wheels from the company, has enhanced the car’s looks tremendously.

We will keep the updates coming, as we approach day 3. For those who are nearby, or even bored, come over to the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre now. One last day to witness the best in car modifications.

We are off to see the J-Girls.