The electrifying Hybrids on attack mode @ TIMETOATTACK 2013 Final Round

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The Hybrid category has been with us since Round 1 last year and with the continuous success of Hybrid vehicles here in Malaysia – the response has been nothing short of exceptional. Drivers return with their electric + combustion engined cars with modifications to push the perimeter of time even stronger and more intense at every round of TIMETOATTACK.

This round, the usual attackers like Lya Ca-Wyn of Team Whale Motorworks returning even stronger than the last round with his modded up Honda CR-Z and Stanley Lim of Team TopSpeed Exhaust Racing taking a different approach of Hybrid attack in a mutated Lexus CT200H setup for speed and attack! With new faces set to put a competitive fight for the usual attackers, this was what the Hybrids were like at TIMETOATTACK FINAL ROUND 2013.

As usual the category was filled with Honda CR-Zs, which more than just a Hybrid, as the cults has taken the CR-Z as more than just an environmental friendly machine, taking note of its athletic chassis and heritage derived from the legendary Honda CR-X. But determined to be different, the Lexus CT200H showed the spectators its confidence and fortitude to put up a good time around Sepang.



The CR-Zs fight were genuinely competitive, with timing difference separated by mere seconds. But as TIMETOATTACK goes, its the seconds that makes the difference in coming to the top, and not. Running in 3rd place was Ryan Ng in a built-up Honda CR-Z returning with a laptime of 3:02.644 around the infamous Sepang. A laptime that was only shy of a second away from Steven Lai who returned with a laptime of 3:01.941 in another competitive CR-Z.

Breaking the 3-minute barrier was a familiar face in this category; Lya Ca-Wyn in his CR-Z. Taking home the winning title in this category, he returned a time of 2:59.545.. an almost 4-second improvement from his stint at TIMETOATTACK Round 1 2013. No doubt his determination and modification improvements showed returns in this round!




Congratulations to the winners – and to the participants, we urge you to keep the momentum strong and keep striving for that fast time around the ever-challenging Sepang.

Hybrid Category

1. Lye Ca-Wyn – Honda CR-Z – 2:59.545

2. Steven Cai – Honda CR-Z – 3:01.941

3. Ryan Ng – Honda CR-Z – 3:02.644

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    Ca-Wyn Lye
  • Dec 22, 2013
Thanks for the feature!! But you kinda spelled our names wrongly.. its Lye Ca-Wyn and Steven Lai. Haha!