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Super GT Announces 2014 Season Calendar, and Sepang is not in it?

A big fan of the ever-exciting AUTOBACS Super GT? Never missed a round in catching the high-speed Japanese machine racing along its European counterparts at our own Sepang International Circuit? Then this is a bit of news that you might be interested in hearing. Super GT’s official web page had recently released the calendar for their 2014 race season and to our horror, we found that Sepang International Circuit is no longer there!

Although Super GT did added that it is their planned schedule for 2014, the nine rounds plus one will be held in Japan and two foreign locations; in which those two are the Republic of Korea and the Kingdom of Thailand.


According to the calendar, the 2014 Super GT will kick start on April 5-6 at Okayama, Japan, with its first foreign event being held at Korea on June 28-29 (Round 4). While the circuit for the Korea round has yet to be announced, the Round 8 in Thailand will be held at the Buriram International Circuit on October 4-5.



Super GT did add that the schedule has been filed for approval by the FIA, and changes are possible to changes in other world championship races. Nevertheless, if you have caught the GT300 and GT500 machines at Sepang this year, you are one of the lucky ones as of right now, there is a big possibility that they are not stopping by our home turf next year. Do you think that Super GT had done a big mistake, or is it better for them to just find another venue than Sepang to host the race?



  • K
  • Aug 21, 2013
just watched a video on youtube that orido said that this is the last super gt in malaysia. sad that its not gping to be here next year but maybe a change of venue is better, in my opinion, financially, as the amount of spectators is not that much, in my opinion.
  • L
    Lee Theng Xian
  • Feb 3, 2014
We really need SuperGT to include Sepang for the 2014 season ;_; there isn't really any reason(s) not to hold a race here what.... i was really looking foward to see the Nismo & GSR racecars again ;_; SuperGT why you do this to us ;_;
  • ふみなり 주문성
  • Mar 24, 2014
after attending the event for 9 straight year (except last year), i think they made the right choice for not coming. I only see the event is getting worst year by year, not because of the SuperGT themselves but the local organizer. I will be likely traveling to Thailand to see how it goes for them to host it for the 1st time.