Subaru launches the new 4th generation Forester – Will this excite Wagoneers ?

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The Subaru Forester has always been one of the sleeper daddies – packing an Impreza derived turbocharged boxer, the first gen Forester was the kind of vehicle you don’t expect to get smoked with in a rather fast car. But slowly over the years, the car became fatter and although theres enough punch – the ‘sleeper factor’ deteriorated.

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Now – Subaru has launched the 4th iteration of the Forester and the shape remains a sleeper. With this model, Subaru promises an enhanced user-friendliness and comfort, tagged with a fun-to-drive characteristics through improved driving performance. Design changes are significant compared to the 3rd gen Forester, but looking at it in the flesh, the crossover design has taken over the Forester’s original persona – making it more rugged and purposeful.

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Powered by Subaru’s signature boxer engine – the 2.0-litre engine derived from the BRZ has been turbocharged and now produces a whopping 240bhp and 350nm. No doubt that this will easily appeal to the bread winner of the family, looking for a bit more drama when driving. Combined with the Lineartronic transmission, the brand claims that these two factors will contribute to a more dynamic driving experience, with increased mid-to-low range torque and smoother acceleration.

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Naturally – the Forester is fitted with Subaru’s unique Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive technology just like its predecessors, aiding the car in every possible situation given for all round use. At the same time, enhancing the ability of the AWD system, a newly developed ‘X-mode’ control system promises to navigate any driver on tough road conditions, even slippery surfaces and steep slopes.

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The Forester’s interior has turned into a pleasant place to experience, with many luxury functions like push-start and Harmon Kardon stereo system and rear-view camera. In the short time we had at the launch, we found the seats to be quite supportive and comfortable which is aligned with the new Forester’s characteristics. In terms of interior space, the car seats 4 comfortably (or 5 if needed) and its high-ceiling gives the Forester a spacious feel.

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With all the luxury features fitted on the 4th generation, it has transformed the Forester into a luxurious machine – but with a cost of course. The new Subaru Forester 2.0XT is now available with prices starting from RM199,800. For more information, visit

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