Have you been waiting anxiously for the Subaru BRZ STi? Then this is just the piece of news you have been waiting for as the teaser images Subaru posted earlier on their official page a few days back is actually NOT a STi model. So what is it that they had teased the fans of this much-loved FR boxer machine?

It is called the BRZ tS Concept and like most of the upgrades we see today done by car manufacturers, this newly unveiled concept bears only cosmetic changes and no engine upgrades. This disappointing news is also coupled with the confirmation of the BRZ prototype seen testing at the Nurburgring is just this tS Concept.

Anyways, let us take a quick look on what STi had thrown into this new Concept. Looking sportier than the stock version, the BRZ tS bear a new body kit that consists of a front spoiler, side sills, rear diffuser and a rear spoiler. Other bits include 17-inch light alloy wheels, a coil spring set, sports muffler, adjustable strut bar for the front suspension, and some interior upgrades.

Production is said to be limited to 500 units; but with only some exterior upgrades and no extra punch, is it worth splurging some extra bucks for the tS?




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