Ever since Toyota came out with the 86 TRD, we have been anticipating Subaru to make the same move on their BRZ. Well, the wait might finally be over as that much-anticipated model is final here; but not exactly in Malaysia. Called the Subaru BRZ S, this is the more aggressive version of the Boxer and it is with a heavy heart to tell you that it is available only in Australian market.

But we are not done with the bad news (or is it a good news?) as although it is called the ‘S’, Subaru did not really equip much performance upgrades into it. The BRZ S mainly gets an upgraded look with an STI-branded front spoiler, side skirts, rear diffuser, lip spoiler, and a set of 17-inch black STI wheels.

They had also fiddled the insides by giving it a flexible tower bar, lowering springs, new shift lever assembly and knob for the manual models, and an engine push-start switch. All of these optional upgrades will add up AUD$ 7,195 for the automatic, and AUD$ 7,995 for the manual. Existing BRZ owners are also open to the option of fitting their cars with the S-pack, with the added guarantee of a factory warranty.


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