The new and electrifying FIA Formula-E is just around the corner, but we have yet to see the exact form of the racer that is going to be zooming through the streets circuits around the world; until now. Developed specifically for the new race series, we give you the Spark-Renault SRT_01E.


Like the name suggests, the racer’s design and engineering was done by Spark Racing Technology, while the all-electric powertrain bits and the battery pack is handled by McLaren. Renault is in charge for the finishing touch, putting everything up together and giving the car the final safety checks.


A number of 42 cars will be made, and each of the drivers will swap cars midway through in avoiding the sluggish procedure of charging the battery-powered electric vehicles. This, however, is only the case for the 2014 season as after that, each team is encouraged to build its own car “to help accelerate R&D”.



The SRT_01E will be packing 270-horsepower or 200kW. Although the Formula-E will not be like any other races we usually encounter due to its silent characteristics, the instant torque these electric motors produce will pretty much be a spectacle to behold. The SRT_01E is now being showcased at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and hopefully it would not be long before we are able to see it live at Putrajaya.