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BMW 1M – Transforming the Bavarian Underdog into a True Pocket Rocket


The BMW 1M – not to be mistaken with the original M car, which has not been the center of attention amongst enthusiasts from the M car stable. Despite possessing the sensational ‘drivers car’ feel like the original E30 M3 did, the spotlight remains on the current E92 M3. Is it the power? or is it the looks? No single answer is right but this particular baby M may just turn the spotlight in its direction.

First impressions are important, and this E82 1M calls for more than just love at first sight – especially when the owner is just as involved as the car itself. Influencing the car industry in Singapore, Daphne deals with more than just supercars, but also racecars that require special attention.

Despite the manual transmission-only option – the 1M grabbed her attention. Perfectly sized for a lady, it became her weapon of choice for the streets and circuit (she visits Sepang pretty often in fact). Understanding the potential that the 3.0-litre twin-turbo was able to offer – the 1M became the ideal project car to transform into something more than just the underdog.


So – what has been done to the performance of her 1M? The 3.0-litre twin-turbo has been remapped through COBB Tuning’s stage 2 ECU reflash which is enough to turn this docile little machine into a powerhouse that worry the likes of Porsche 911s. From the rated 340bhp and 450nm, the reflash raises power output to 420 bhp and 550nm, enough to bring down the Zerotohundred figure from 4.5 seconds to 4.1 seconds.

With power comes the production of heat from the twin-turbos, and to generate extra cooling power – this 1M has been fitted with COBB’s Front-Mount intercooler kit that helps keep the boost cool during her hard runs. At the same time – GruppeM’s Cold Air Intake is tagged to feed this pocket rocket a good dose of air.



Famous with M cars – the Akrapovic Evolution titanium exhausts system was installed to this 1M to have the turbo M car sing a lot better. Of course, at the same time the titanium system is 12kgs lighter than the stock exhausts, and the high-flow downpipes discharges an extra 15+bhp.


Daphne intends on pitting her pocket rocket against the GT-Cars category at the next round of TIMETOATTACK this Novermber 30th at Sepang. During her earlier track day attempts on stock suspension, the 1M was able to lap Sepang in the 2:36 range with her at the wheel.

By the time you read this – Daphe’s 1M would have already been running on a set of circuit-derived Dinan Racing coilover kit. According to Daphne however – the kit has not sacrificed everyday ride comfort, despite the significantly firmer setup and minimized body roll.


It isn’t difficult these days to make a fast car go even faster. An ECU reflash easily pushes 40-50 horses extra in forced inducted cars. However – the one department that is often overlooked are the brakes. It is not uncommon to spot tuned up cars that neglects braking power; thus reaching a point where the car has too much power for the set of brakes.

Daphne will not only go faster this time around too. Her stopping power comes from the Alcon SuperKit which is fitted on all 4 corners – with 384mm 6-Pot up front and 370mm 4-pot at the back. The calipers are painted in matching Candy Orange – it now has enough stopping power to out-brake an average supercar even. Daphne reckons it should cut a full 2 seconds at full-blast around Sepang. Though to what point will she embarrass most of her male-dominated opponents at TIMETOATTACK remains to be seen. Mark your calendar, boys!


This 1M is the perfect iteration in turning the underdog into the killer at the top of the chain. If the 1M is not your cup of tea – then perhaps this might just change your perception. We reckon this transformation has turned the pliant little entry-level M car into a serious little pocket rocket. Enough sleeper-factor to keep the LTA away but fast enough to poke Supercars both on track and on the road.


Car: BMW 1M E82

Engine: BMW N54 3.0-litre Twin-Turbocharged | 420bhp and 550nm

Zerotohundred: 4.2 seconds

Modification List


  • Front: Alcon SuperKit 6-pot Monoblock 384mm x 34mm
  • Rear: Alcon SuperKit 4-pot Monoblock 370mm x 34mm


  • Dinan Racing Coilover kit


  • COBB Tuning ECU reflash with AccessPort
  • GruppeM Cold Air Intake with carbon fibre casing
  • COBB Tuning front-mounted intercooler
  • Akrapovic Evolution titanium exhausts


  • Varis Type-2 vented bonnet
  • VARIS Euro Edition GT-Wing
  • BBS RI-D lightweight forged wheels


  • BMW Performance sports-bucket seats
  • BMW Performance V2 flat-bottom steering wheel
  • 3DDesign Aluminium Sports Pedals
  • Akrapovic wireless exhaust controller