Renault announces the Megané’s facelift ahead of Frankfurt’s debut this week


As the whole Renault range gets updated, we’ve been waiting for the Megane’s turn to evolve with Renault’s new signature fascia. Its been 3 years since an update was given to the Megane and the shape seems over-shadowed by its competitors. However, our prayers were answered as just a couple of days ago, Renault announced their 3rd generation Megane ahead of Frankfurt motorshow.

Set to go on sale early 2014, the new and updated 3rd iteration incorporates the brand’s latest front-end styling – with a more streamlined cut on the fascia courtesy of the new bonnet and front bumper; and at the same time, redesigned headlights to give the Megane a more aggressive look. The Megane’s range has grown into 3 different variations with the Hatchback, Sport Tourer and Coupe but of course the one we are most interested in is the RenaultSport Megane.


The redesign will follow the RenaultSport Megane, with the touched up front air vent grille and a more pronounced Renault badge. Daytime running lights are now extended to the outer side of the bumper as compared to the previous generation.


Although Renault is has not said whether the RenaultSport Megane will receive an updated powertrain – we can expect it to come with at least the 265 iteration; powered by the 2.0-litre turbocharged engine. However, Renault did is sure to eventually come out and present to us an even hotter, lightweight version of the Megane like the previous gen with the R26R. We really do hope that it’ll make it to production in a limited run.

More details will have to wait till Frankfurt which begins tomorrow, however we do expect to see some awesome cars making its debut. So stay tuned with us!