Pininfarina is widely known as an Italian car design firm that had came out with countless of wonderful designs for manufacturers all over the world. If it was not for them, we would not have cars like the Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto, Ferrari Testarrosa, the legendary F40 or even the Enzo to decorate the streets. With such great achievements, Pininfarina decided to honor their former Honorary Chairman, Sergio Pininfarina, with this stunning concept car called the ‘Sergio’.

Bearing the trademark of Pininfarina’s creations, the Sergio’s design looks very simple yet elegant to lay one’s eyes on at the same time. But it is not all look but no go, as the design also boasts benefits in terms of aerodynamics. The dual spoiler in the front provides both down force and at the same time channels air to both the brakes and engine intakes.

The aerodynamic deflector in the front of the cockpit smartly creates a virtual ‘windscreen’ through the deviation of air flow, keeping the passengers away from turbulence. On the other hand, the roll bar is tuned perfectly to meet the air flow coming from the front, giving it more down force effect.

With the Sergio concept car being based on the Ferrari 458 Spider, it gets a 4.5-liter V8 engine with 570-horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque punishing the rear wheels. But without a roof, windshield, or even windows, it is 150kg lighter than the 458 Spider, so it should be considerably faster than the Prancing Horse. Pininfarina said that it could do a 0-100 in 3.4 seconds and reach a top speed of 320 km/h.


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