Interested in getting a Nissan GT-R, but wanted one that is out from the ordinary? Then this is a call for you. Nissan had just unveiled a new special edition Godzilla called the GT-R Midnight Opal, and only 100 of such specimens will be produced for worldwide distribution.

So what makes this new version so special? For starters, this new GT-R is covered in a special Midnight Opal color scheme on its exterior where each coat of the paint is applied by hand. Nissan claims that this special procedure is comparable with that found on exotic supercars. This special paint has a two-tone effect, with the hue changing depending on light conditions and viewing angle.

But of course, Nissan would not just throw a special paint and call it a limited edition model as the Midnight Opal is also equipped with other options popular to GT-R owners all over. The spoiler for example is made out of dry carbon fiber and the wheels are RAYS’ lightweight forged-aluminum ten-spoke design with a Hyper Titanium finish. The car also gets a gold-finished numbered plaque in the engine bay, emphasizing the car’s exclusivity.

There are no changes done to the powertrain, which means the twin turbo 3.8-liter V6 engine still produces 545-horsepower and 463 lb-ft of torque like the other 2013 GT-Rs. Priced at USD 105,590 (RM 337,000), the Midnight Opal is just USD 6,000 (RM 20,000) more than the base GT-R.


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