The rumors and speculations of the next-generation Toyota Supra had been circulating for quite a while and generated quite a stir among the automotive community. After a long time of leaving the gap for a proper sports car, Toyota finally came out with the critically-acclaimed 86 and will soon be announcing the return of the legendary Supra somewhere in late 2017.

And slowly completing the puzzle of this yet-to-be-revealed car is the rumor that the new Supra could be housing a turbocharged 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine that churns out around 400-horsepower, thanks to its hybrid powertrain system. Love it or hate it, this is only a rumor for the time being. But if it really does churn out a figure as such, the new Supra could be a competitor for Porsche’s Carrera base model.

The new Supra will be built in collaboration with BMW, where Toyota will be handling the platform development and BMW on the suspension tuning. The body is said to be bigger than the Toyota 86 and be incorporating design cues inspired by the FT-HS hybrid concept car.

There is also a possibility that we will be seeing a Supra concept car on this year’s Tokyo Motor Show as Tetsuya Tada, the chief engineer of the 86 project is meticulously working on one, especially when Akio Toyoda himself have asked him to develop the car “as soon as possible”.


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