The new Fiesta debuts on Malaysian shores – Feisty little car promises an even greater connectivity


We at Zerotohundred are always featuring high-powered, highly modified and in some cases; barely legal cars that although may sound exciting, they are actually not that fun to drive. YES, they’ll do the Zerotohundred sprint in sub 4-seconds and YES  they can lap Sepang in a blisteringly fast time but it can never be that fast in the real-world – with the numerous pot-holes and countless speed bumps. So whats the fix?

Small cars! They are the answer to the racer in us. In an everyday scenario of city driving – little roundabouts and small back streets are our ‘Gymkhana’ while escaping traffic and no you can’t do that in a mid-engine supercar. Technically you could but not as brisk as you can in a little hatchback. Am i wrong? I don’t think so because I do this myself in fact..


On the topic of Gymkhana – theres one little hatch that is famously known for shredding its own tyres and doing donuts in the spinning bowl. Yeap, the Ford Fiesta. Made famous by a bloke named Ken Block, the Fiesta is the little hatchback that truly had a lot of potential that were hidden by its mundane looks. Well, theres a new one that just reached our shores and ready to go head-to-head with KL’s street playground.

Sporting a new frontal fascia – the new Ford Fiesta carries a rather love-or-hate outlook from the ‘Aston-like’ nose that is a little ‘blingy’ for our liking. The updates end there however as the overall shape remains relatively unchanged from the previous iteration. In the right colour (Blue Candy Metallic please!), we reckon it looks super cool and will definitely turn heads despite being the size of only the average housefly.


Powered by Ford’s 1.5-litre Ti-VCT engine – it delivers at descent 110bhp and 140nm. Capable of doing the Zerotohundred sprint in 9.5 seconds, our short drive with the new Fiesta was an enjoyable one. The car feels nippy around corners; hence delivering a fun driving experience for the everyday driver.

Inside, things are just as expressive. Satisfying the needs of the Fiesta’s target market, it packs some impressive multimedia tech that will impress the average teenager and help keep them connected.




The new Ford Fiesta keeps the driver connected with the Ford SYNC system which enables drivers to answer phone calls and selelct music from devices connected via Bluetooth or USB, at the same time listen to text messages via voice command. Built for the digital generation – this system will be the Fiesta’s party piece.

In addition – keyless entry comes as standard on the new Fiesta, which is a convinient feature that we think many, will appreciate.



For the new Fiesta, Ford is now offering a 5-year warranty or 200,000km bumper-to-bumper vehicle warranty for the new Fiesta. Set to launch on the 28th September – you can contact your nearest ford dealership for bookings or log on to for more information.

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    Sam Yap
  • Sep 11, 2013
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  • Sep 12, 2013
they shld have gone for 1.6L though. I wonder how the sport edition will look like.