In motorsports, there is no way to predict what is going to happen that will ruin a race day. Let it be an unexpected mechanical failure, a poorly-made decision or collisions with the other drivers while on the circuit, these are the things that race teams will just have to live with. But Lotus would have to add another possibility into the list as their trip in Le Mans was cut short when their LMP2 cars and parts were seized by local courts.

As shocking as this may be, this is the situation that Lotus has to endure for the time being. It is reported that both their new T128 endurance racers which will be entering the LMP2 class were seized after a court decision was made in June 18. Apparently, the seizing was made because the Kodewa squad did not meet its financial commitments to an undisclosed partner, which had filed the motion.

Eyewitness also reported that they saw the German team dismantling both their race cars which includes components like the gearboxes, suspensions, steering wheels and other small bits being put onto a flatbed hauler to be transported outside the circuit. While the details of this incident are still very sketchy, an official statement is expected from the team tomorrow.

The No.31 Lotus LMP2 T128 race cars will be driven by James Rossiter, Kevin Weeda and Christophe Bouchut, while the No.32 will have Thomas Holzer, Dominik Kraihamer and Jan Charouz as the drivers.


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Photo from James Roller’s Twitter



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