If you have been following the Inside Koenigsegg for the past few weeks, we are now in the fifth installment of the series and now looking on one of the best job available in the world. Robert Serwanski works for Koenigsegg, and he is the official test driver for the Swedish hypercar manufacturer. Getting behind the wheels of the elegant Agera R and pushing it to the limit is just what he does in a day’s work.

But his job is not only confined to testing out the cars coming out from Koenigsegg’s assembly line as he is also a production line worker. He is also the one responsible to do the final wheel alignment and beds in the brakes. Not only that, during the test drives, he is also on full alert to spot any squeaks or rattles that may be distracting and unacceptable for a car with such status and price tag.

One point that Serwanski pointed out is that a good racing driver does not necessarily going to be a good test driver, as pushing a car all the way to its limits is just a part of the equation. A test driver should be able to point out the abnormalities of the car and prepare a solution to correct the issue.

Since every single car made at Koenigsegg are unique in their own way, a human touch like Serwanski’s is necessary in order to make the right adjustments and decisions. And having an individual to actually finish such a product rather than having machines and robots doing it just makes it more exclusive than others.




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