JDM Highlights @ Tokyo Auto Salon Singapore 2013! (Part 2)

Happy Sunday guys and we are now back for more action from the Tokyo Auto Salon Singapore 2013 and for this Part 2, get yourself ready for some barely road-legal cars that will send the LTA berserk if they ever managed to gain access into the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre; especially with the out-of-this-world performance upgrades and extreme bodywork.

Starting off this Part 2 is the car that one could almost label as “the most uniquely-looking car in the show”. Sporting a Bentley-like grille, R8 headlights and tail lights is the Veilside Premier 4509 GTR Toyota Supra. Truly a show-stopper, this #003/100 white unit spicing up our booth is reunited with its grey sibling coming all the way from Japan.

And while we are still on the subject of subjective looks, the RE Amemiya RX-7 does exactly the same. The look of this distinctive rotary machine is almost organic-like or had its exterior sculpted by the wind. But surely there is an objective for this unmistakable design and if it is not for the performance gain, this sure does pull the attention from the crowd very well.

With M7 Drive spreading their wings in the motorsports scene like wildfire, the M7 Civic FD2R receives an endless stream of crowd admiring this road-legal time attack machine. Also a well-known star in our 2012 TIMETOATTACK, the extensive aerokit and the vicious carbon fiber front panels seems to pull a lot of interest. But there are also a lot peeking through the windows and looking quite surprised; was not expecting such a well-equipped interior perhaps?

The 9tro booth has quite an array of heavy weaponry, but we somehow had our eyes locked on to the Falken S15. We thought it was only the unmistakable Falken livery and widebody that is pulling us towards it, but how we were so wrong. Lift up the hood and there you have it; a 1JZ-GTE WTI engine lifted from a Supra and into a Nissan. Impressive? Very.

But the stream of great cars do not stop only on these booths as the auto styling section also houses a couple that caught our attention. Bathed in a coat of custom white paint and Nismo colors, the owner of this Nissan 200SX has done everything nicely; from the body work all the way to the wheels.

If you are wondering why there are no GT-Rs yet, we do have the Godzillas up in line to terrorize your day, so do not run away!

Hey Hussein Zain, you mistaken that "falken" livery S15, it fitted 1jz-gte vvti, not the 2jz you mentioned.
Corrected, thanks for pointing out Allen!
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    Harvey Goh
  • Apr 19, 2013
Hi Hussein Zain!
Thanks for the awesome pictures of my car!
Don't mind me using them as my wallpaper!