Hyundai Builds a New Test Center at the Nurburgring?

With a lot of car manufacturers making use of the Nurburgring as the benchmark test circuit in testing out their cars, we are beginning to see more of them establishing their second home at the legendary German circuit by building a test center nearby. And a new name joining the other car giants like BMW and Aston Martin in doing so is the Korean automaker Hyundai.

As a brand known more for its value rather than performance, Hyundai had already invested USD 7.4 million for the construction of their second home which is well underway. They will put their European-designed vehicles to the test on the circuit, and all the vital data gathered will be sent to their engineers in Germany at Hyundai’s R&D center. Back in 2012, almost 95-percent from the Hyundai vehicles sold in Europe were designed, engineered and tested in Germany, and that includes the i30, ix35 and i40.

“The new Hyundai test center at Nurburgring is an expression of our intention to focus on improving the customer experience of our vehicles, such as ride and handling – an important consideration for European drivers”, said the Senior Vice President and COO of Hyundai Motor Europe, Allan Rushforth.

“The new center represents a significant investment, and one we expect will significantly contribute to enhancing the perception of the Hyundai brand and our key competitive competence in Europe”, he added.