With the Formula E All-Electric Racing Championship getting a green light from the FIA, the second question arises of where the races should be taking place. We have heard of Rio De Janiero being one of them, followed by Rome as the first European city to sign up in hosting the event in 2014. And on March 8, the organizers had released a preliminary calendar for the 2014 season, and it seems that Putrajaya is one of them.

The full list of 8 cities scheduled to hold this inaugural 2014 season starts with London, Rome, Los Angeles, Miami, Beijing, Putrajaya, Buenos Aires and finally Rio De Janeiro. Formula E also revealed that they had received interest of 23 cities in total in hosting this electrifying street race. The race will be seeing two teams of ten – Drayson Racing and China Racing – competing against each other, with the cars designed by Italian company Dallara. McLaren on the other hand will be working together with Spark Racing Technology to design and build the powertrain.

“We are thankful to all the cities that have expressed their willingness to host our races. The fact that cities from all over the world are interested in the FIA Formula E Championship is extremely heartening and shows a global commitment to clean mobility and sustainability”, said Alejandro Agag, CEO of Formula E Holdings.

So for a race that has both the qualifying and the 45-minute race running at the same day, which part of Putrajaya do you think they will pick for the race? Somewhere around Persiaran Perdana perhaps?


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