Datsun Teases their First Model, Looking Similar to the Nissan Micra?

Datsun is well-known to be the people’s car from Japan, and we have received a couple of tips that the brand will be reborn and the price for one of these could be as low as RM 9,100. And now, we received a couple more pointers on how the car will look like, and it definitely does not look like a Lada to us.

The two teaser shots released by them shows that Datsun may take the hatchback route, with the first image showing the car looking pretty similar to the Nissan Micra. For the time being, the project has yet to receive an official name, but its internal designation goes by the name ‘K2’ and is aimed to be sold primarily for the Indian market.

The head of Datsun, Vincent Cobee said that the brand promises to bring “competitive products and services, modern and aspirational, while at the same time reassuring, providing superior value and specifically developed for the emerging and ambitious new Middle Class in high-growth markets”.

He also added that “Datsun cars will be locally developed with the support of Nissan Motor Company engineers and stylists and will be locally produced”.

The new model will be launched somewhere in 2014, and it is only until then that we will have a glimpse of how the car looks like in metal.




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