BMW + Toyota Collaboration to give birth to the Production LF-LC?


Back in late 2011, BMW and Toyota signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate in a number of projects. Of course, the collaboration in projects like the next-generation battery technology and hydrogen fuel cell powertrains will benefit them much, but we are particularly interested in their development of a new sports car platform.


While at first, this had led to speculations that the new sports car might be a Supra-like model and a next-generation Z4, a new report led us to think otherwise. After conducting a feasibility study, both BWM and Toyota have reportedly decided on their first joint venture of making a high-end coupe Lexus fitted with hybrid technology.


This new car is said to be filling the gaps left by the Lexus LFA, but will costing a lot less than the howling V10 supercar. With an estimated final price tag of around USD 150,000, this suggests that the said high-end coupe is actually a production version of the LF-LC concept.


Among the reasons why Toyota is keen to hook up with BMW is the need to get the car to market as soon as possible. The development of the LFA took a timespan of almost 10 years, making much of its technologies to be outdated once it hits the showrooms. For the time being, the parts for the car are yet to be determined to come from which manufacturer. The chassis and hybrid drivetrain might come from Toyota, applying the knowledge gained from the LFA project. BMW on the other hand might be working on the suspension and fine-tuning the car’s handling.

How much of this is true, we will soon find out as they had yet to come out with an official statement on how the LF-LC will take shape. In the meantime, the role of a seductive Lexus coupe is already filled by the all-new 2015 RC.