Honestly, on-board cameras are have been made fantastically popular by the Russians and the Chinese, especially when there’s interesting footage having been recorded by them on peculiar mis-haps or even epic failures. But sometimes it’s not so laughable, not even the slightest bit when you come across a mishap that’d probably involve serious injury or worse still, a death. Now here’s something that doesn’t involve the worse case scenario, but rather a certain BMW 1-Series hatch out on ‘The Ring’ having some track-time fun, till it all went South with a flip and a roll after its driver lost control and kissed the barrier.

Sights like these are common, but capturing the moment with an on-board camera can prove to be a difficult one, and the footage shows the severity of the impact.

The 1-Series hatch was caught on film, stuck behind a 6-series coupe, but manages to over-take on the left just before an uphill right-hander, where it was seen loosing its rear-end and subsequently sending a plume of smoke and debris up into the air (including itself) after colliding with the barrier.

Though many would have given the two drivers some flack for not having stopped off the racing-line and alight from their vehicles to check on the driver that lost control, it seems that “The entire Nürburgring, including the hard shoulders, is an absolute no-stopping zone”.

With that, the other two drivers had no other choice but to continue on and trust that the ‘Ring’S Officials” would be able to take care of the person in need.