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BIMMERFEST Malaysia 2013 – A festival of BMW owners and enthusiasts from everywhere around Malaysia


BMW Club Malaysia is Malaysia’s largest BMW owners and enthusiasts community and they are the body recognised by the International Council of BMW Clubs that officially brought together friends, family, enthusiasts and owners as one community here in Malaysia. Their cordial invitation for us to be apart of their festival gave us the opportunity to encounter some of the best BMWs on our shores.. and if you have followed our previous post, you would have discovered that we spent a whole night travelling up north.. just to witness the amazing BMW E30 M3 make its way to BIMMERFEST 2013. So here is where the journey continues..

We reached the first meet-up point just about sunrise in MAEPS.. and this was what the sight was like. It was some of the early birds, mostly from the northern and east coast whom have spent the night travelling just for BIMMERFEST 2013. Undoubtedly it was a breathtaking sight with the classic range of beemers in the lineup with the sun rising in the backdrop.



Meetup was set to be at 8am – where all the owners and drivers will register their cars. But of course; this is Malaysia and we are always subject to the infamous’Malaysian timing’. Nevertheless, cars started creeping in by the minute and by about 8am.. the crowd began to invade the parking lot at MAEPS. We were separated with our convoy from Ipoh, but they eventually arrived after us.. and the crowd shifted their eyes quickly to the Dakar Yellow E30 M3.


Weirdly – not many were entirely convinced that there was an E30 M3 amongst the crowd. So within 30 seconds after the car was parked, it immediately caught the attention of the crowd around. But once they saw that it was a left-hand drive car, it certainly became the highlight of the car park.


BMW has been in the market in Malaysia for a very long time, and since it has collected so many examples of Beemers around. BIMMERFEST this year targeted to gather over 500 cars to participate in what would officially be the largest BMW gathering in Malaysia by the Malaysian Guinness Book of Records. This meant that everyone had to participate to achieve this goal. In the light, BMW Club Malaysia has invited sub-divisions that has evolved on the many different states of Malaysia, and these folks has graciously supported with full enthusiasm.

We may think that with BMW being a very successful premium brand here in Malaysia – it wouldn’t be difficult to gather 500 different examples in one place.. however not all of them are involved with the club, and the ones who make time to join were most definitely a true enthusiasts. The record breaking event was set to be held in Putrajaya, in front of the MOF (Ministry of Finance) building.. covering the whole stretch of road with the Bavarian marque.




Not too long after, the meet up point was invaded by the ///M Owners Club Malaysia with their series of high-end performance versions of the ultimate driving machine. From the in-line 6 of the E46 M3 up all the way to the high revving V10 of the E60 M5 and E63 M6, their presence quickly became a concert of symphonies for everyone around.


It was nice to see rare gems on our shores like the M3 CSL and the 1M that was showed to everyone why this badge is so popular amongst the cults and serious drivers.



By about 9:30am – with all the participants beginning to make their way to the meet up point, the car count was already north of 300 cars and it was no imminent that the record was going to be an easy break. Atmosphere was great, with the enthusiasts interacting and socialising about their beloved hobby, regardless of their background, status and race.



As the clock clicked 10:30am – it was time to get a move on and head over to Precinct 2 Putrajaya to break the record officially. I quickly jumped shotgun into the 1M for the journey to the official gathering.. An absolutely exhilarating experience, even just riding shot gun in the 1M. It is what many of the cults call the rebirth of the E30 M3, and the rawness interest me very much. Rear-wheel drive, manual gearbox and 340bhp at your right foot’s disposal.


But completely outgunned by the massive V8s and V10s around – as they were packing at least 100bhp more..


It was going to be hectic to arrange 500 cars at the venue in front of MOF, and at first the organisers had it all under control right till the moment when more cars quickly began to arrive at the venue and infesting the parking area.. which of course showed the absolute response and support given for the event, but on the other hand made things a little more demanding for the organisers to arrange all of them. Nevertheless – there was a plan and everything was in play..



Quelle surprise to see the number of spectators who came to witness the event too, as there were many enthusiasts amongst the spectators who didn’t own a BMW.. but joined in the fun regardless. Many would understand how the E30 has become a cult item and many came to actually see the different examples and modifications done on these cult cars. I too were enjoying these beauties.. finding idea for the next project car… hopefully.


This stands as one of our favourites. Standing with a widened body and a rather solid stance – this E30 has gone with a mixture of classic and modern design. Those wheels we think works perfectly with the E30 as well!


Or this rather almost flawless 323i E30 coupe. This car was fully restored to its original condition, and overflowing with new and original parts to refresh this classic into the modern age. In this state, it runs even smoother than most cars half its age. Kudos to the owner who has kept it in such an awesome condition.

Here is just a selection of E30s at BIMMERFEST 2013 that caught our attention.. and many others too!







But out of the many – no one can beat the attention that the original E30 M3 received. Certainly was the highlight of the festival for many of the participants and spectators.

IMG_7002 copy

As the count began at mid-day – many have actually left the event due to the lack of attractions; not only for the participants but also the spectators. With the attraction only being the cars parked and gymkhana sessions for those who are interested to participate and spectate, the last count only ended at 432 Beemers. 68 shy of the target figure of 500 cars. Is it a disappointment though?

Well maybe a little, especially for those who came all the way from the north and east states of Malaysia. But this effort became the highlight for many.. as not only they have made new friends and share their interest, but it was also an unforgettable experience for many of them.


Their Putrajaya invasion was a success – but making the Guinness Book of Records would have made the event a whole lot more meaningful for all the participants who gave their full support for the event. Nevertheless, better luck next time and they hope to make the numbers and into the books again next year!

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