Bavaria’s latest drop top – BMW officially releases their 4-Series Convertible


Following the launch of the BMW 4-Series – it was just a matter of time until we get to see the open-air, drop top iteration. Last few weeks, there has been many leaked photos on the convertible test mule and finally, here it is! The BMW 4-Series convertible. All set to woo in the citizens of sunny counties, the new Convertible is quite a looker and we think that it looks better than the coupe. But doesn’t it look too similar to the previous generation?

An evolution of the E93 3-series convertible, the new 4 possesses the same roof arrangement, which BMW says is the best option as it gives the car a more dynamic driving personality. The metal folding roof will reside in the boot of the car and will transform in 20-seconds, with opening functionalities at speeds up to 11mph. The new iteration is an inch longer than its predecessor and 1.7 inches wider giving the car a sportier stance and at the same time, a bigger boot space. BMW also mentioned that the new car sits closer to the tarmac that the E93.


BMW is now offering an X-drive option for the 4-series convertible, with their series of engines. Similar to the 4-series coupe, the convertible will receive the 2.0-litre Twin Power turbocharged powertrain, which is good for 240bhp and a Zerotohundred time of under 6 seconds and the top of the range 435i will receive BMW’s award winning 3.0-litre 6 cylinder TwinPower turbo engine which produces 300bhp. There will also be a diesel option, however that is only available in Europe in a form of a 2.0-litre turbocharged diesel.

In Europe, the new 4 is offered in two transmission options, with manual as standard and BMW’s 8-speed ZF automatic gearbox as an option. In the US, the ZF automatic will be offered as standard. Until the M4 Convertible makes its debut, the 4-series will retain the sports car personality. BMW says that the 4-series is a multifunctional car and will win the hearts of many, especially those in sunny California. With prices starting from $49,675 in the US – the 4-series convertible is BMW’s latest fashion icon in their line-up.