Still going strong in the luxury-performance scene, Lexus is now grabbing attention with the soon-to-be-launched RC-F. While the details of this new car are still pretty sketchy and they had only released a couple of teaser pictures of this new coupe, it is confirmed that the RC-F will have a V8 engine under the hood churning out a hefty 460-horsepower.


Hatchbacks are the answer to everyday practicality and usability. Cars that don’t break when you put them through vigorous use, from basic needs such as carrying the kids to school and all the way to the extreme end of travelling 2000 kms across say, peninsular Malaysia. These are cars you depend on on a daily basis; they can seem mundane and boring to suffice the need for an avid driver. However… Add ‘hot’ in front of the word ‘hatch’, and you are in for a spicy treat.

The recipe for a hot hatch is simple, take a basic hatchback in the brand’s lineup and add power. We’re talking about FORCED INDUCTION. The good ole’ formula of gaining horsepower called Turbocharging. The defining characteristics of a hot hatch still remains unchanged since the 70s and 80s, however the needs of drivers has since evolved, thus creating a new requirement for manufacturers.


The one manufacturer who has nailed the hot hatch market is in no doubt Volkswagen. Defining the term in its earlier days with the Mk1 Golf GTI. The market had then evolved with the rabbit’s philosophy and over the years, VW continues to win hearts all over the world. Perfected in 2004, the MK5 Golf GTI had set the standards for fast hatchbacks with its DSG transmission, and crisp handling enabled just about anyone the talent to smoke just about anything in city driving. VW’s DSG had also made the Gladiator days of 3-pedal manual driving obsolete.

So as soon as the latest iteration, the Mk7 GTI landed, we knew we had to find out what its like. To put up its paces, we’ve pit it against the current crème de la crème of the industry. The RenaultSport Megane RS and the Ford Focus ST. We call it – The New Turbo Kids on the 2.0 Block!


In the history of the BMW 7-series, it has never received the haloed M-badge that the rest of the models has been christened with. Although questions had always arise on the fact that the brand’s competitor from Mercedes and Audi are conquering the market with their hot top-of-the-range flagship model with an AMG and S treatment; BMW never showed a single hint of a hot 7-series.. until now!


Own a Nissan GT-R, but thinking that the interior could use a bit more character? Put aside all your worries as Carlex Designs is here to your rescue. After releasing stunning interior trims for other exotic marquees like Maserati GranTurismo, Porsche Carrera GT and the Lamborghini Aventador, they now add another model in their catalogue with their latest interior package suit to fit the mighty Godzilla.

It’s been a while since we have last seen a proper car replica that resembles closely to its original version, and we think that this replica project is definitely time well spent. Back in 2011, Top Gear fan Jacek Mazur embarked in a journey to build his dream car, the McLaren F1, from scratch. Obviously it was no easy task to undertake but after eight years of hard work and determination, finally the Polish amateur mechanic has finished his ambitious project.

AJ-7 copy

Supercars are all about making a statement and grand entries. Used to be reserved for the privileged few, these cars have now become extremely common in the community, and is on the verge of threatening the exclusivity of ownership. Exclusivity is key and if your million dollar Supercar is not a physical symbol of recognition – then what can you do to change that?

The Lamborghini Aventador is not anywhere near uninteresting to start with – but its absolute success may also be a disadvantage to the privileged as it is perhaps one of most common supercars out there on the road today. If you’re going to spend RM3.2 million on a Supercar, you wouldn’t want it to appear identical to the guy next door.



A while back, Mazda has shocked a lot by saying that the chances for the infamous rotary engine in making a comeback is very slim. That had definitely shocked the enthusiasts as Mazda has been giving hopes in actually reviving the rotary engine into today’s vehicles with further refinements in the technology. But there may be a glimpse of hope as the rotary engine now finds a new home, in the form of a Mazda2 Range Extender hybrid prototype hatchback.


At what point did you even think 355bhp wasn’t enough on the A45 AMG? For such a small car, running only a 2.0-litre 4-potter, it stands as the hottest pocket rocket of the year but than again.. power is never enough. Famed for overzealously tuning a C63 Black Series to 800+bhp, Mcchip-DKR is now back.. and set to ‘Puff’ up the A45 AMG hot hatch to 444bhp to shiver your thrills.


The Sepang 1000KM (S1K) endurance race is not for the faint hearted, and only the best of the best could cross the finish line what more, with a respectable position!. Fuelled by their signature “Challenging Spirit”, the Honda Malaysia Racing Team (HMRT) basked in glory once again, as after hours of fierce battle on the circuit, they emerged as champions of the 2013 S1K race.


The Gallardo was set to be replaced by an all-new successor for a while now – but Lamborghini toyed around with the market, making endless special iterations of their best selling model which were seemingly different; but essentially the same car. Its been over 10 years since the Gallardo first made its debut to the world and with the last unit rolling off the production lines last month – we are glad to say the all-new replacement is finally here! Welcome everyone to the Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4.

IMG_0055 copy

The Hybrid category has been with us since Round 1 last year and with the continuous success of Hybrid vehicles here in Malaysia – the response has been nothing short of exceptional. Drivers return with their electric + combustion engined cars with modifications to push the perimeter of time even stronger and more intense at every round of TIMETOATTACK.

This round, the usual attackers like Lya Ca-Wyn of Team Whale Motorworks returning even stronger than the last round with his modded up Honda CR-Z and Stanley Lim of Team TopSpeed Exhaust Racing taking a different approach of Hybrid attack in a mutated Lexus CT200H setup for speed and attack! With new faces set to put a competitive fight for the usual attackers, this was what the Hybrids were like at TIMETOATTACK FINAL ROUND 2013.


BMW Club Malaysia is Malaysia’s largest BMW owners and enthusiasts community and they are the body recognised by the International Council of BMW Clubs that officially brought together friends, family, enthusiasts and owners as one community here in Malaysia. Their cordial invitation for us to be apart of their festival gave us the opportunity to encounter some of the best BMWs on our shores.. and if you have followed our previous post, you would have discovered that we spent a whole night travelling up north.. just to witness the amazing BMW E30 M3 make its way to BIMMERFEST 2013. So here is where the journey continues..

We reached the first meet-up point just about sunrise in MAEPS.. and this was what the sight was like. It was some of the early birds, mostly from the northern and east coast whom have spent the night travelling just for BIMMERFEST 2013. Undoubtedly it was a breathtaking sight with the classic range of beemers in the lineup with the sun rising in the backdrop.