Unleashing the inner bull – DMC Tuning Molto Velocé Lamborghini Aventador

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Supercars are all about making a statement and grand entries. Used to be reserved for the privileged few, these cars have now become extremely common in the community, and is on the verge of threatening the exclusivity of ownership. Exclusivity is key and if your million dollar Supercar is not a physical symbol of recognition – then what can you do to change that?

The Lamborghini Aventador is not anywhere near uninteresting to start with – but its absolute success may also be a disadvantage to the privileged as it is perhaps one of most common supercars out there on the road today. If you’re going to spend RM3.2 million on a Supercar, you wouldn’t want it to appear identical to the guy next door.


So what can you do to an already exotic showpiece? You begin with a bright colour. Imagine the colour spectrum and you’ll find infinite possibilities. The colour chosen to bring out this monstrous bull is a shade of matte azure blue – wrapped in Oracal’s automotive vinyl that has been perfectly crafted to match the two tone orange/black interior, this Aventador changes the perspective of a regular LP700 into something even more.. menacing.

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After less than two years of production, Lamborghini carried out a minor facelift on the Aventador; dubbed MY2013 which brings slight changes in interior options but the one we’re most interested in are the lightweight ‘Dioné’ forged wheels. A styling change that we reckon is a must for every Aventador. The Dione wheels will come sleeved in Pirelli P-Zeros over the 20″x9jj wheels up front and 21″x13jj at the back. Whilst reducing unsprung weight – it also works as a stimulus in looks enhancement for the Aventador.

If that doesn’t cut the deal for you – then don’t despair because there are tuning companies whom can offer a fix for your lust in exterior enhancement. This fine example is fitted with the DMC Tuning’s Molto Velocé kit which was specially crafted to work hand-in-hand with the Aventador’s knife-edged aerodynamics; unifying form and function. Dressed to impress with carbon fiber, the Molto Velocé kit comes with a fine line of bespoke parts that’ll bring out the Aventador’s aggressive lines.

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The Molto Velocé kit comes as a package with a very subtle front lip that works absolutely well with the Reventon style bumpers on the Aventador. Channeling air on the sides are diffuser skirts that are designed to improve stability of the car at speeds above 120mph – the air is then diverted all the way to the rear with the rear diffuser that not only houses enormous exhaust tips; but the integrated tunnel system creates a ‘venturi’ effect at the rear axle to improve the airflow from underneath the car.

To ensure that the 220mph Supercar is stuck fast onto the ground at high speed – the Molto Velocé kit comes with a wing that DMC assures will optimize airflow and reduce lift. With design cues taken from the LP670-4 Super Velocé’s wing; again it brings form and function into one.

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The performance remains. Although is that really a bad thing? Powered by Lamborghini’s latest V12 engine, the Aventador runs on a 6.5-litre powerhouse that produces 700bhp and 690nm of torque. Mated to single-clutch semi-automatic gearbox, it shifts between gears in 50 milliseconds which enables the Aventador to achieve a Zerotohundred time of 2.9 seconds. Top speed? 220mph or better known in metric units of 356km/h.

And the final piece to add to this amazing machine is the gift of sound. Indeed the Aventador is one of the loudest machines out there, but to really change the perspective of this car, you’d require a system that could spit out flames! Fitted with Capristo’s valve-controlled exhaust system, it is now free from the restrictions of factory exhaust sound regulations. Engineered and designed to let the howl of the Aventdor’s 9,000 rpm redline to be heard – this is the cherry on top of the icing.

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Combining the right colour, with the right set of wheels and bodykit to boot – has this recipe worked in unleashing the inner bull of the LP700? At the moment – we think this particular blue bull is the coolest iteration to prowl on our shores. Yes, the modifications are not the most affordable but we reckon the additional 10% from the cost of the car is a small price to pay for individuality.

Car: Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4

Engine: Lamborghini 6.5-litre V12 Normally Aspirated | 694bhp and 690nm

Zerotohundred: 2.9 seconds



  • Capristo Valve-Controlled Exhaust System


  • Oracal Matte Azure Blue Automotive Vinyl Wrap
  • DMC Tuning Molto Velocé kit in Full Carbon fibre with extended package
  • Lamborghini OE Dione wheels


  • teamsleepnine

    how to ruin your lamborghini 101.
    step one,call dmc tuning…2nd steps?well no,there should be another 100..but since step one is to call dmc tuning to get things sorted…they were so good at ruining lamborghini..it only took them 1 steps…forget the other 100…just one…that’s it…they were that good.

  • semangka

    no wonder the surrounding looks familiar. the owner is from miri….guess all mirian should know this car.