Apple’s iOS 7 will soon be Available in your Car’s Infotainment System?


When Apple launched the new iOS 7 for their mobile devices, everyone was hyped with the system’s new interface and features and definitely looking forward in updating their device into it. But while the hype surrounds on Apple’s own mobile device range, not much is known in Apple’s initiative in incorporating iOS 7 into cars.

Dubbed as the “iOS in the Car”, this new version of the famous operating system debuted at this year’s Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) at San Francisco. This new system will practically expand the functionality of the vehicle’s infotainment system to receive phone calls, maps, directions and both send and receive iMessages. And of course, all the functions will have Siri integration for hands-free access and control.

It seems that Apple is looking forward in conquering the car infotainment system by utilizing iOS through the interface and giving basically all the same functions you could do through your phone, but via the car’s system. And to make sure this thing goes big, Apple has already teamed up with several giant automakers such as Honda, Mercedes, Nissan, Ferrari, Chevy, Infiniti, Kia, Hyundai, Volvo and Jaguar in integrating iOS in the Car by 2014.