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Alfa Romeo Releases the Full Specs for their 2014 4C!

Alfa Romeo must have been really excited and happy with their new 4C that they have released the full specs of this new mid-engine sports car even before its initial debut later at the Geneva Motor Show. The stunning 4C had captured the eyes of many back when it was still a concept car two years ago, and the production version is still very much a looker.

Starting off with the body, the 4C sports a full carbon fiber monocoque chassis, housing the four-cylinder turbocharged engine in the middle. The direct-injected 1.75-liter engine makes out 240-horsepower; and although it may not sound intimidating, the final curb weight of around 950kgs gives the 4C a power ratio of around 4kg/hp.

Like mentioned earlier, the engine also gets a special ‘scavenging’ feature that aims to eliminate any turbo lag. With all the power being sent to the rear through a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, the driver could have the option to either drive it in automatic or manual through the paddle shifters behind the steering wheel.

To give the 4C a better handling experience, it is given aluminum suspension frames mounted to the car’s carbon tub, featuring double-wishbone and MacPherson strut designs. The DNA driving selector allows the driver to select from Dynamic, Natural or All Weather modes depending on the condition, and an extra Race mode for a more adrenaline-pumped experience.

Over to the interior, the two-seater 4C has adapted a much simpler minimalist look for their dash, where the design is accented by carbon fiber and aluminum. The center column has been purposely left in full view to give out the sense of uniqueness, technology and lightweight. The 4C measures about 4 meters in overall length, a wheelbase of about 2.4 meters, with a width of 2 meters and a 1.2 meter height.