If you ask anyone in the industry right now – “What is hottest hot hatch of the moment?”. The answer is going to be the Mercedes Benz A45 AMG. Quelle suprise when you consider a company that has never had a hot hatch in its line-up. The A45 AMG is doing so well in fact, that a waiting list has developed in many dealerships across the globe. The similar chassis has derived the CLA45 AMG but now the company wants to build a hot crossover.. YES! The GLA45 AMG!

Presented to the market at the LA Auto Show last week – the GLA45 AMG is still a concept however; there is a high possibility for this ‘soccer mom’ crossover to make it to the production lines early next year. Set to put flames on the RS Q3, the GLA45 features the similar powertrain found in the baby A45 AMG. Powered by the M133 2.0-litre twin-scroll turbocharged engine, this frenzied crossover attains an output of 360bhp and 450nm of twisting torque. Zerotohundred will be dealt with in a lightning time of under 5 seconds and limited top speed of 250km/h.



The drivetrain will also remain similar, with the all-wheel drive 4-MATIC system mated synced with the seven-speed, dual clutch automatic gearbox seem in AMG models in recent years. Mercedes claims that the concept shown will be almost 95% similar to the production model, inclusive of the aggressively styled bodykit, 21″ AMG spec wheels, large exhaust tips, spoiler and front splitter exclusive to the GLA45 AMG.

But because it looks so similar to the little A45 AMG makes this hot crossover an absolutely sought after machine. We are sure that many will absolutely agree to this idea and so are we! Nevertheless, hold your horses and await for this mad little crossover to make its official debut next year. Lets just hope the germans don’t change their minds..