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A 2JZ weekend with the legendary Supra – A cult that has not been forgotten


The JDM community is strong in Malaysia – but there is a group of guys that has been forgotten. Well, not forgotten but living under the shadows due to their rarity on our shores. We are talking about the 2JZ powered, Toyota Supra. The boys has gone quiet in the past couple of years and there hasn’t been a ‘TT’ session in over 5 years. So to refresh their memories and get the momentum going again – we ‘crashed’ the unofficial 2JZ boys meet and greet in Ara Damansara over the weekend.

Its not difficult to understand why the love for the Supra is strong, chief amongst which is the heart itself. The 2JZ is a mighty powerhouse and its the weapon of choice for speed junkies – as it is easily tuneable to 600-700 horses with just a remap, exhaust system and induction kit. And for those chasing after even more, single turbo is the way to go – and you’ll start seeing 4 figures on the dyno with the right setup.


The engine bay above is home to one of the most awesome looking Supras in south-east asia. Inspired by GT500 race-car, you would probably not realise that its a Supra. Packing a respectable 600+bhp at the wheel – its a powerhouse that should not be messed with. More on it along the post.


Eagle-eyed viewers would have noticed the Altezza there. Well – its just a shell to house the 1JZ that lives within. “Day 4 – they still think im a Supra”


Here’s an up-close shot of the bay. Everything looks tight! #becauseracecar


Coming to this ‘TT’ sesh makes one feel like a 5 year old. Its reminisce of the original Fast & Furious movie – especially in Orange. Its a killer sight to behold. But my favourite has got to be the next one….


What a machine! You may have noticed that its got a Lexus badge on it. Simply because it is a Lexus! Well, the head comes from an SC430 but its originally a Supra. I’ve been meaning to see this car for a couple of years now, and its been hiding indeed. Finally it saw the light of day last weekend and its no doubt, the coolest modded Supra around.


This Mk4 Supra needs no introduction – as it is probably the most famous Supra in Malaysia. Its none other than Bryan’s wide-body Supra that was crafted by Monster Garage. It definitely holds a certain presence.


Stock wing and a ‘not-so-stock’ wing of the Supra. Which one for you?


The two most ‘stock-looking’ Supras at the meet. A definite eye-opener next to the rest, which has been modded up and widened. The right one is beautifully painted in Top-Secret’s signature gold.


Catching some attention from the public and owners at the same time. ZOOOOM!!



Its a kick-start to an absolute potential cult – and no doubt the Supra clan have their own fans. We are sure there are more Supra owners out there who are interested in joining future events like this. We hope the momentum flows and we’ll definitely follow their progress along. Its a Supra! One of the 90s JDM legends. We at Zerotohundred would love to see it grow to what it was again about 5 years ago.




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  • Jul 24, 2013
Supra will live forever and it might continue to stay popular for another 20 years or more.
Who knows, only time will tell but till date, Supra is almost close to 30 years old.

Yet the design is never outdated, still strong and able to give of modern technology cars a great race/challenge of their lifetime. Still able to get head turns whenever it passes a crowd of people.
Still able to attract chicks. Is a great car. Living legend.

Long Live Supra!
Great post! Just FYI, there are two Supras that I've always see around my home place not in this post. One sport the Abflug widebody kit (I believe it's the only one in Malaysia?) and another is stock kit with Volk Racing GT-C rims. Both are flat/matte black in colour. Perhaps Bryan know them and maybe you can do a feature? :D
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  • Aug 13, 2013
Stock Black Supra, only seen twice in Kepong. Not anymore now.
Can say hardly see any Supra. Hope those who can afford will continue to make it a living legend.