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Underground Racing’s 1500whp Gallardo Hits 405km/h!

If given the choice, which would you prefer the most: a carefully-engineered piece of automotive marvel like the Bugatti Veyron, or the bad boy supercar like the Lamborghini Gallardo? Of course one of the advantages that will put the Veyron above the Bull is its insane 1001-horsepower W16 engine and the ability to smash through the 400km/h barrier, which no production-based car could achieve back in its time. But what if there is a way to make the Gallardo to go as fast as the Veyron could?

Now this is certainly a matter of straight line speeds. And for that, there is no other expert in this field that does the job better than the guys at Underground Racing. With their deep expertise in turbocharging exotic supercars from Ferrari’s 458 to Lamborghini’s latest Aventador, getting a Gallardo to reach its uncharted territories is no big feat. And after strapping two turbochargers on the V10, they had managed to squeeze out a stratospheric 1500whp for the bull to play with.

And with that much power on the wheels, Underground Racing’s Twin-Turbo Gallardo had managed to reach a blisteringly-quick 405km/h in a tad bit over the mile mark, that is already very close to the Veyron’s 408km/h record! The setup had actually produced an output of around 1700-1800hp on the crankshaft, but only 1500 goes to the wheels. But that is not bad at all as a Veyron-eater! This Gallardo had shown its real potential down at the DragTimesInfo race event in Russia, where it had reached the mile mark in just 23.681 seconds with a speed of 387.51km/h, and when given a bit more runway is where it had reached the 405km/h record.



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