Two Forties 72Hours BROmance Tour – Shaking Up The South!

Can you imagine how a free-revving engine with straight flow exhausts would sound like? Even if you could not, just give it a try. Now, whatever you have imagined, multiply it by 15. Yes, 15. Last two Saturdays at around 7am, 15 awesome cars converged at the Dengkil RnR. While many thought there was a typhoon approaching, they were not that farfetched as 5-6 cars were strapped with the KNN Typhoon, so that sounds about right.

The M3 CSL arrived first. This sexy beast or some may call it the Harlot should be banned from being on the streets as it sucks up the attention from everyone else! Then, came 2 Scoobies with their unmistakable burble coming out from their flat fours. And last but not least, 11 championship white machines came and woke every living thing within a 4-mile radius. The boys stepped out of their rides with colorful shoes (and some with colorful pants) with hair slicked in the most metrosexual way and matching uniformed tees.

That, my dear friends, is how Two Forties roll.

My name is ari7474 and I am part of this Two Forties 72hours BROmance Tour organized by our head honcho Arif Izzudin.

After a short breakfast in Dengkil and some shots of the bros, the road trip commenced. Driving between 80-110km/h like civilized road users, we arrived at Johor Bahru for lunch. After lunch and checking in our hotel in Danga Bay, we drove to Singapore via Tuas. At the border, the customs and immigration officers greeted us and shortly after, we rolled into Singapore.

Why were we in Singapore? Because we wanted to do some macho and manly stuff like swimming in the Wet Wet Wild! Everyone was so macho and manly that on the water slides, they accidentally left their macho voice deep in their lockers and let out some very girly shrieks! We then had dinner and drove back to Johor and called it a night. Quite a long day and the best part is what we have in store on Sunday as the highlight of this trip was our track session at Pasir Gudang Circuit.

It was everyone’s first time there; 14 participating cars and not even one has any clue of how the circuit goes! Shortly after parking their beloved machines in the pits, everyone rushed in excitement to register. Again, with matching tees, everyone had their helmets out and was waiting anxiously in their cars for the green light. I will walk you through the circuit from a first-timer’s point-of-view.

After the short front straight, T1 is a 180-degree right-hander, which was then followed by a longer straight that one could push up to the 5th gear. I took the left that followed on 4th but I reckon many can manage it in 5th, before braking hard for a sweeping left on 3rd. The track then turns right into a blind corner, which I went through on 3rd.

Then it sort of goes uphill, again blinding me of the tracks. When I regained the sight of it, I had to brake and giving the heel-to-toe for another right hander. The braking point is on the crest before you could actually see the track. Then, you will climb uphill and shoot down a rollercoaster downhill which leaves your balls behind and letting out the girly shrieks again! I could not throttle on 4th downhill but I tried hard before braking and taking the right sweeper on 4th. Then there is a left and right chicane before climbing uphill again.

At the crest was again another tight right and left. More girly shriek was heard as when you see the track, it was time to brake hard for a downhill chicane. Massive adrenaline was flowing and then is the medium left before a 90-degree right hander for the front straight.

Let me tell you, this track made Sepang feels more like a Mickey Mouse’s playground for girls. Of course, that is just a joke, as what I meant to say is that the track is super-awesome! Very demanding and challenging especially for a newbie like me. Blind corners with braking points before actually seeing the corner really challenges the drivers.

Anyway, our head honcho told us to drive at a medium pace as our trip here was to have fun and not to give a thrashing to the cars as we needed to drive them back home. But by the second hour, everyone was blasting through the corners sideways and leaving Two Forties skidmarks on the curbs. Truly a pure orgasmic experience for petrolheads like us.

After the track session, the “Why I Was Slow” session took place at the car wash near our hotel. Everyone had their own reasons as usual, and mine was very valid as my brake pads were worn out and I only pushed it to 60%. After dinner, we called it a night and watched F1 and the Euro ’12 while bonding with the bros. The next day, we headed to Singapore again to do some car parts shopping, which I got myself a new set of brake pads. We then headed to the JPO after lunch, and saw everyone driving home safely shortly after.

I would like to take this opportunity to give out a huge appreciation to our generous sponsors: Net Traders, and MotorsportsPlayground for supporting the Two Forties. And last but not least, thank you to all the brothers in Two Forties, especially to our KP Arif Izzudin for making this trip a success.

Shall we start planning for the next one, boys?



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nice pics Jim! 🙂
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niceeeeeeee!!!!! sure u guys hab so much fun!!!
Old 06-29-2012, 09:21 PM
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dem they says running 80 to 110km/h but pass the machap rnr…i notice they run about 140 or 160 km/h at there
Old 06-29-2012, 10:54 PM
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ahah..i think that yellow Subaru Impreza Ver.9 WRX STI Spec-C Type RA-R must be the fastest among all..
Old 06-30-2012, 01:29 AM
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Awesome. Cant see the M3 CSL and Scoobies on those track pics. Did they joined?
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Yes.. The M3 CSL and the scoobies ripped PG apart! They joined the track session and they promised to return again 🙂
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yanes (07-01-2012)
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will post the video up soon!
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very nice….
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a very nice track indeed..a day before there was open track day..has some fun in this track first time driving.
Old 07-03-2012, 06:55 PM
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It really is a nice track. Its such a shame that many dont use it very often. There’s so many greeneries around and the track really keeps you gasping for breath. Beautiful 🙂
Old 07-11-2012, 10:25 AM
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Awww…..this was awesome! Sadly I couldn’t meetup with you guys.