Top Gear UK Test Driver’s Secrets Exposed through “The Stig. The Untold Story”!

“Some say that he’s recently been releasing pop records under the pseudonym of Lady Gaga, and that under his race suit he also wears a red G-string and suspenders. All we know is he’s called the Stig!”

The true identity of the mystery man in the white Simpson helmet and race suit has always puzzled the viewers of Top Gear throughout the seasons passed. And although Jeremy describes him in a lot of weird ways through his “Some say…” quotes, the Stig is nevertheless a skillful driver that could tame any machine that drops into his hands.

But the mystery could probably be revealed soon enough as Top Gear is ready to share with the world the life story of the Stig through their new book called “The Stig. The Untold Story”. Collecting the covert and undisclosed details of this strange and unknown professional test driver was a young and brave journalist that puts his work before his own life, who had followed the man in white over the past year.

And to give you a general idea of what awaits you, the book publisher Ebury even gave out a short description about this cover-breaking book:

“The book is no ordinary biography and the Stig wasn’t a willing subject. The journalist spent a year following a Stig shaped trail to discover the truth of the man in the white suit. How as he got so many celebrity friends, where does he come from and how exactly did he influence Punk? The year-long quest took him from Surrey to another part of Surrey to the very ends of Surrey and then, unexpectedly, to Finland before returning to Surrey. Along the way he unearthed remarkable information about The Stig’s influence in areas as diverse as motorsport, international politics and the punk movement. He also got covered in a strange green substance.”

Other than having the Stig himself, the book will also feature exclusive interviews with his co-stars and some “respected figures” from the Formula 1 scene. In case you got the chance to come across this book in any of the bookstores, make sure to grab it as quickly as possible before the Stig himself grabs all of them as this is a book that he does not want people to read! But you could get it safely online through Amazon or iTunes, but make sure you are at your doorsteps when the book arrives.



I thought they revealed him as Schumacher?
No. The old Stig was released 2 years ago and soon after that he has released a book about life of THE STIG. He was the man that was behind the scene for all the car chase in Skyfall. Now they have a new STIG.