So the name might not be that catchy and the looks might not match the main rival of the Ferrari 458 Italia. But yet the McLaren MP4-12C continues to make a great presence into the world of supercar that it had recently and surprisingly named as the “Car of the Year” during the 2012 Middle East Motor Awards.

Beating 50 other competitors that were gunning for the title, the 12C received numerous praises on the build quality and the performance that comes with it as it was assessed by a panel of 17 juries whom are also the region’s top automotive experts.

“The 12C is a clear winner for ‘Car of the Year’. McLaren’s debut model is a stunning car and worthy of making the ultimate wish list of any automotive fan”, said organizer Saif Al Midfa, Director General of Expo Centre Sharjah.

“To win ‘Best Supercar’ in the Middle East is an amazing achievement coming in our very first year as a luxury sports car manufacturer. But to win the overall ‘Car of the Year’ title is unvbelievable”, said Mark Harrison, Regional Director for Middle East and Africa.

The McLaren MP4-12C landed in the Middle East back in November last year, and 10-percent from the 1,000 units sold worldwide was from the Middle East. McLaren had expanded their network of showrooms to various Middle East countries such as Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.