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The Invasion of JDMs at the TIMETOATTACK 2012 Final Round! – Part 1

As the sun sets over the horizon of Sepang International Circuit on Sunday, December 16th, we bid goodbye to the sacred venue where all the awesome spectacle and adrenaline-pumping actions of TIMETOATTACK 2012 had taken place. It was an exciting run, and all of them could not be accomplished without the undying support of our great sponsors, participants and supporters that had flocked all the way from various corners of the country and across the causeway in making 2012 a year that we will never forget; thank you again, all of you!

And like usual, the time has come to serve those who might have missed the action with the breathtaking barrage of automotive goodness. To start the ball rolling, let us take a peek on the JDMs that literally brought down the whole family for an exciting weekend outing, which is also the best way to bid goodbye to 2012.

It is not sure whether they had been hibernating or keeping the best for the last, but the NA guys turned up in such a massive number that half of the whole entry were dominated by them! And making the most out of this lineup is none other than the VTEC-kicking Hondas.

Needless to say, it is not a surprise that the FD2Rs were swarming the circuit, especially when it comes from the hardcore time attackers like Pentagon Racing and M7 Drive/Kazama. The four-door sedan does look tame when untouched, but a few mods/tweaks are more than enough to make it a fearsome track weapon.

If one had already experienced the earlier rounds of the 2012 TIMETOATTACK, then one would know to cover the ears once this yellow EK hatchback passes by. It screams like a maniac, and as has the speed that matches it.

Ever since the introduction of the CR-Z Hybrid class into TIMETOATTACK, this compact city hatchback has been proving to the skeptics that hybrid could possibly be the way of tomorrow, especially when a lot of supercar manufacturers are considering  hybrid propulsion to provide an extra oomph to their wild creations.

Can we get some love for the S2000? There are only a handful of them nowadays, and spotting a Ferrari on the streets nowadays is far easier then this sporty specimen.

This particular NSX had been spotted supporting TIMETOATTACK since Round 2, and it is really hard to get bored with the simple yet striking bodylines of this Japanese legend.

Talking about rare specimens, the much-adored R34s had finally made an appearance to join in the mayhem of speed with its siblings like the older R33 and the younger R35. Although the R34s only participated in the open track day, it sure was a great sight seeing them actually going in speed rather than being bound under the restrictive laws on the public roads.

We also found this immaculate R32 sitting quietly at the parking lot. And what amazes us is not only the spotless condition this old timer is in, but its interior was stripped out of everything, leaving only the driver’s seat inside! A future track/sideways weapon perhaps?

LHB Motorsport’s R35 might give the impression of “just another tuned GT-R” from afar, but once you get closer to it, then you will realize how serious this asphalt punisher is. Almost 80-percent of the bodywork for it had been replaced with carbon fiber; the doors, hood and rear bumper are just a short list of the parts replaced to this lightweight material.

And apparently it does not end there. A simple peek inside revealed that even the seats for both driver and passengers are in carbon fiber too! With such a great work being poured into lightening this bulky Bob, how fast do you think this carbon-clad GT-R can do?

The Nissan S-chassis might be a popular choice for those wanting to go sideways, but they are also a formidable weapon on the circuits too. Ken Ji’s blood red S15 had gone for a cleaner look this time, and it sure is a refreshing view to have his monster showing off its natural lines.

Pitwork’s/K-Sport’s S15 on the other hand sports a very aggressive aerokit, and we sure are anxious to know the laptimes that this beast could actually come out with going around the 5.543km circuit.

The Zs might look a bit bulky at first, but what lies under the hood gives a proper surprise to those underestimating its performance.

This 280ZX might be older than most of the cars present, heck it might be older than most of the readers! But does that mean it should throw in the towel and enjoy the retirement years? After seeing the same car for all three rounds of 2012 and still being able to catch up with the younger generations, that might just be a big, fat no.

Wanting more of these daunting Japanese machines? Stay tuned as the mighty Mitsubishis, speedy Subarus, tantalizing Toyotas and  marauding Mazdas are up next!

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