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The Invasion of JDMs at the TIMETOATTACK 2012 Final Round! – Part 2

The Mitsubishi Evos that had ravaged through Sepang International Circuit on the last two rounds of TIMETOATTACK were nothing short of menacing and intimidating. With cars like Evonne being just a stone throw’s away from the 2:25 mark earlier on, the car that we might see grabbing the fastest time on TIMETOATTACK could possibly be another one of these monsters.

A great example would be an entry from Spark Motorsports, where their Evo 7 did not only instantly catch the attention of the spectators with its awesome aerowork that matches the cars from WTAC, but even came down with a team of skillful pit crew that is able to perform any repairs needed in a flash.

But just when we thought that we have seen it all, a more track-focused machine rose from the depths of ST Wangan’s garage. Again in an Evo 7, they also fitted their yellow fellow with some serious aerodynamics and a pit crew that is ready to jump into action whenever needed. And to make sure that they do not waste any opportunity on the circuit to make a blistering fast lap, they even brought in tire warmers!

Being the last of its kind, the Evo X demonstrated perfectly that Mitsubishi still has a lot to offer. Although they might have started back from the drawing board in creating the X and shared almost no similarities from the previous generations, it still serves the purpose very well as a four-door turbocharged sedan.

But if you love the rambling burble from the iconic boxer, the Subarus were having an outing of generations and was not going to let the Evos steal the limelight for the day.

Remember this particular Scooby? Back in Round 1, Tung Wei steered this STi RAR to an impressive time of 2:27.260, sending out a simple yet bold message that they are not giving up without a fight.

Petter Solberg’s doing track racing now? Not really, but it sure is nice to see this Ver.8 Impreza WRX sporting the iconic rally livery of the factory racing team albeit a bit awkward not seeing it kicking up dust and gravel into the air.

The Ver.10 Impreza was met with a lot of conflicting views; some love the new hatchback look, while others miss the simple sedan layout with a huge wing at the back. Nevertheless, like the Evo X, it is still a fast machine in the right hands and it is nothing wrong to have a bit of variety, is it not?

Due to its mid-engined, rear-wheel drive layout, some had nicknamed the Toyota MR2 as the “poor man’s Ferrari”. Maybe “poor man” is a bit too much as coming across this unique JDM specimen is not easy in Malaysia, but MR2s are famously known to be the perfect donor car to be built into a Ferrari replica like the 355. But being already born with such a beauty, it is a surprise on why they wanted to imitate it into a Ferrari in the first place.

Remember this particular 86? Yes, it is the same one that took part back in Round 2. Joining in the Street NA-RWD class, Kenny Lee did a remarkable job getting the car to do a 2:47.475, but will he be able to repeat the same feat and maybe triumph above the higher-horsepowered rivals or maybe the older siblings of the AE86 or KE70? The answer to that will be revealed shortly.

Maybe Mazda did not turn up in such a massive force, but having the cute Miata and the widely-hailed RX-7 appearing in the time attack are actually more than enough.

We will have more stored in for you guys in the form of great Continental cars and the ever-mean supercars. Like them that much? So please do stay tuned!