This weekend is going to be an exciting one at Publika, as there will be a line-up of supercars for the Supercar Rides 4Charity event. The supercar line-up is said to consist of a wide variety of Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Aston Martin. Better yet, for between RM100 to RM150, you’re given the option to choose a ride in a supercar of your choice as well as participate in the ‘Race of Champions’ against professional drivers in driving simulators – all in the name of charity!

The YOKUK Supercar Rides 4Charity is a joint initiative between Supercar Charity Challenge (SCC) and Yayasan Orang Kurang Upaya Kelantan (YOKUK), a charitable organization for disabled adults and children. Their focus is to raise RM200,000 to form a multi-discipline Palliative Care Unit to provide the right nursing and medical care for terminally ill adults and children in their homes or when necessary, in facilities that can adequately cater to their needs in the final stages of their lives.

YOKUK was founded 14 years ago, with the simple objective of improving lives. Today, it has developed into a contributory and valuable service that alleviates the plight of adults and children with various forms of disabilities, through providing palliative care in rural areas. According to Datin Suliana Shamsuddin Alias, Chairperson/Executive Director of YOKUK, the organization has, to-date, over 3,500 registered disabled clients who are receiving much needed therapies through the Community-based Rehabilitation (CBR) programme – from Early Intervention programs to vocational training, as well as equipment aid such as wheelchairs and artificial limbs.

Speaking about SCC and the event, Dr Rodwin Bahadur, Chairman SCC 2012, said, “Inaugurated in 2011, the SCC is a five year fund-raising initiative that is made up of owners of five supercar makes – Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin and Maserati. Our main aims are to raise funds and motivate the mindset of changing one’s position in life through hard work and ambition. The funds raised will go primarily to organizations that contribute to practical education and life improving opportunities for youths in Malaysia. Our adage, give a man a loaf of bread and he eats for a day, teach him to bake and he eats for a lifetime.”

“We organized our first-ever event last year and managed to raise an amazing RM500,000 that went to various orphanages across Selangor, Negeri Sembilan and Johor, as well as to YOKUK. So stepping it up a notch, we are pleased to once again collaborate with YOKUK to help raise the targeted RM200,000 through the YOKUK Supercar Rides 4Charity,” Dr Rodwin added.

Also present at the event was Maya Karin, a Malaysian actress, television host, singer and now Goodwill Ambassador to YOKUK. “Visiting the centre in Kota Baru earlier this year has made a great impact on me. I realized that there is so much more that we can do to help the disabled to live richer lives, especially by providing YOKUK with the necessary funds to continue what they are doing and to help them do it even better. The YOKUK Supercar Rides 4Charity event is one such avenue we could use, and it is a really great way to not only raise the public’s awareness of their plight, but to also have fun while making a difference in other people’s lives,” Maya commented.

The YOKUK Supercar Rides 4Charity will be officially launched on 7th December, with a charity auction of artworks from a few galleries, designer handbags and sunglasses, beauty products sponsored by Kanebo Cosmetics Malaysia, Bobbi Brown, and also works by Suchen SK, a renowned international photo-crafter to help raise the amount required. There will also be a jewellery fashion show by Facets Jewellery.

For more information on the YOKUK Supercar Rides 4Charity and how you can contribute to the cause, visit the links below:
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