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Shell Rimula Contest Winners Bear Witness to the Last Race of the 2010 ETRC at Le Mans, France!

Shell Rimula recently invited a host of guests, about 120 of them in fact, to the closing of the 2012 European Truck Racing Championship (ETRC) at Le Mans, France by Shell Rimula and of course in attendance were the 2012 Shell Rimula “Win a trip to France and see the fastest trucks in Europe” competition.

Of course the main prize was to have the ability to travel all the way to Europe just to catch the excitement and buzz of watching vehicles that were initially designed to perform long-haul duties duke it out on a race circuit.

Shell Rimula’s aim of offering the trip was to show their appreciation to both owners and business partners from around the globe with this once in a life-time opportunity.

And out of the 120 special guests that attended, 10 were from Malaysia who won the inaugural contest. They were:

– Alex Han Fatt Yen
– Chin Mieng Lek
– Dennis Ling Lu Jing
– Gan Wen Huei
– Lim Swee Chong
– Liow Tien Hwee
– Tay Han Siong
– Seo Kheng Bung
– Suchdav Jotisroop
– Wee Yong Shin.

It was definitely a fun filled weekend for the 10 Malaysian guests having been treated to a unique experience ride aboard the exclusive Shell Rimula cruise boat on the River Seine that happens to run through the heart of the Paris – enabling them to take in the sites which happens the include the Eiffel Tower, La Cathédrale Notre-Dame and Le Louvre Museum.

The climax of the weekend saw the group travel to the historic Le Mans race circuit to witness the final round of the 2012 ETRC, where guests enjoyed the hospitality in the Shell Rimula suite overlooking the start/finish straight.

With the race about to take place before a crowd of over 50,000 fans, rain began to set in adding trickery to the circuit thanks puddles of standing water that were forming throughout the track and certainly adding great thrills as drivers struggled with the wet conditions running up to the conclusion of the 2012 season.

One of the 10 Malaysians, Suchdav Jotisroop (CEO of a transport company in Kluang Johor), treated to such a trip had this to say:  “It would have been nice to stay a bit longer in Paris but I was happy to have won the trip after having been a loyal Shell Rimula customer for the past 20 years.”

Liow Tien Hwee, a transport company executive from Melaka, commented while trying to restrict his over enthusiastic delight that he was able to visit Paris for the first time after his company submitted a contest entry in his name: “We have just started trying out Shell Rimula recently in our fleet of trucks and the results are very positive. It looks like the change was indeed a good move.”

“Shell Rimula understands how hard owner drivers work and the demands placed on their trucks. We hope they have all had an amazing experience, both in the beautiful city of Paris and at Le Mans to witness truck racing and some of Europe’s best truck drivers in action. Bringing so many of our customers to Paris to enjoy the emotions of truck racing has been a new experience for Shell Rimula and a tremendous success,” said Ms Chia Uen-Li, Cluster General Manager, Shell Lubricants, South East Asia South.

The contest was part of the unique ‘Hardworking’ global campaign launched by Shell Rimula this year in conjunction with the introduction of two new high performance heavy duty diesel engine oils – the Shell Rimula R5 LE synthetic-technology and the fully synthetic Shell Rimula R6 LM heavy duty diesel engine oils.

For more information on the latest Shell Rimula products, please visit www.shell.com.my.